16 August 2013

Kickstarter: Part 15 - New Projects!

This is the fifteenth part in an ongoing series about crowdfunding. Overview and Index.

We have the return of two old games, back for a second edition, and a new game that is likely of niche appeal. This month doesn't have much to offer in terms of new projects for me, though there were two that I backed up until reviewing this and decided that they just were not for me. The former because I don't think that I need another D20-based game, no matter how neat, and the latter because I don't quite think I was the target audience after reading the descriptions of the system and knowing nothing about the setting.

Now, this hasn't stopped me from pursuing a few projects that aren't directly RPGs. I do like a good pen.

New Projects

Space: 1889

Closes: 25Aug2013
Funded: Yes!

The rebirth of a Victorian pulp game from the 80's/90's where mankind takes to the ether and explores the inner solar system. Inspired by the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, this game is a classic and the second edition has been funded. This is a game of gentle(wo)manly exploration of the mysteries that humankind can reach, from earth to the stars. Certainly the biggest appeal has always been the pulp visions of the planets, Mars and its inhabitants in particular. This edition will bring additional focus to Mercury and Venus and the strange things that can be found there. Space: 1889 is a classic and anyone interested in pulp (or steampunk) gaming should take a look at this project.

Rosemont Bay

Closes: 25Aug2013
Funded: Yes!

Essentially a game in the style of a modern prime-time TV drama with the elements of supernatural romance crossed with gothic horror. A game about normal-ish people with their screwed up problems and relationships in a setting where they cannot avoid them. This game is decidedly not going to be for everyone, but it is something that I am very interested in. If playing anything from Twin Peaks and American Gothic, to The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf interest you, this may fill that need. Similarly, fans of Monsterhearts should take notice.

Tales from the Floating Vagabond

Closes: 14Sep2013
Funded: No

Okay, I'm trying to come up with a way to describe this game succinctly and somewhat at a loss. So bear with me on this one. Anyone that walks into a bar, anywhere and any time in the universe, has a chance to walk into the Floating Vagabond instead of Lucky Larry's Lounge (or whatever classy establishment they intended). The Floating Vagabond is a bar at the center of the universe and home to ridiculous adventure (which becomes the de facto occupation of anyone who "finds" their way there). This setting pays homage to no one genre; it does all of the equally well. Which may be poorly, depending on how you look at it. Tales from the Floating Vagabond is a slapstick game of adventure where the laws of physics got crazy drunk and are now too hungover to do anything about what is happening.