31 July 2017

Earthdawn 4E: Horror List

This is a list of Horrors, part of an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

There isn't any truly new content in this post, simply a list of all Horrors in Earthdawn 4E. I'm including thread items from official English releases (except Legends of Barsaive adventures) and this blog. Since this list will be updated with all new, applicable material, these constraints are going to help me stay sane.

As of right now, the list is by challenge, but I don't know if it would be more useful organized in a different fashion. If there is any additional information that would both be useful and easy to include, let me know.

  • Gnasher, Least (Novice, 1) [PGG]
  • Gnasher, Lesser (Novice, 2) [PGG]
  • Pumpkin Patch Horror (Novice, 2) [T:tMC, p. 303]
  • Gnasher, Minor (Novice, 3) [PGG]
  • Mind Slug (Novice, 3) [ED4 GMG, p. 495]
  • Scurrier (Novice, 3) [ED4 GMG, p. 496]
  • Doppler (Novice, 4) [ED4 GMG, p. 489]
  • Gnasher (Novice, 4) [ED4 GMG, p. 493]
  • Kreescra (Novice, 4) [ED4 GMG, p. 494]
  • Despairthought (Journeyman, 5) [ED4 GMG, p. 487]
  • Dread Iota (Journeyman, 5) [ED4 GMG, p. 490]
  • Gharmek (Journeyman, 5) [ED4 GMG, p. 491]
  • Great Pumpkin, The (Journeyman, 5) [PGG]
  • Baggi (Journeyman, 6) [ED4 GMG, p. 481]
  • Crystal Entity (Journeyman, 6) [ED4 GMG, p. 483]
  • Wingflayer (Journeyman, 6) [ED4 GMG, p. 499]
  • Deceiver (Journeyman, 7) [ED4 GMG, p. 485]
  • Slipshade (Journeyman, 7) [ED4 GMG, p. 497]
  • Bloatform (Journeyman, 8) [ED4 GMG, p. 482]
  • Wormskull (Journeyman, 8) [ED4 GMG, p. 500]