21 May 2015

Earthdawn 4E: Gauging Interest

It has been over a month since my last post and I regret not having the time to provide new content for everyone out there. The reason for the absence is so I could focus all of my attention on completing some new assignments for the Gamemaster's Guide. While I have been able to do both in the past, I wanted to ensure there were no distractions so the drafts could be completed as soon as possible.

One of the things I have been doing, and intend to continue doing, with this blog is to introduce and test out new material for Earthdawn Fourth Edition (ED4). Who knows where it may end up, but this is also a chance everyone to voice their opinions on what you would like to see. Both as an impetus to develop something new, or as support of something you like.

Towards this end, I'm looking for ideas on kinds of things you would like to see developed. Right now, specifically with regard to creatures and thread items. Below is a hastily constructed list of creatures which could be further developed if there is interest. Some of them even as mounts. If any seem like a good (or terrible) idea, let me know.
  • Ant Lion
  • Bear, War (Mount)
  • Boar, Razor
  • Boar, War (Mount)
  • Bukavac
  • Elk, Tundra (Mount)
  • Espagra, Badlands
  • Espagra, Jungle
  • Espagra, Mountain
  • Hawk, Silver
  • Hawk, War (Mount)
  • Hippogriff (Mount)
  • Horse, War Pony (Mount)
  • Leopard, Snow
  • Pangolin, Steel
  • Pegasus (Mount)
  • Simargl
  • Snowbird
  • Terror Bird (Mount)
  • Thunder Cat
  • Toad, Thorned
  • Winterhawk
  • Wolf, Crag
  • Wolf, Grove
  • Wolf, Poison
  • Wolf, Winter
Thread items are in a similar boat, though if there is a particular thread item which was never updated to Third Edition, a type which didn't seem to give enough love, etc., leave a comment and let me know.

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