08 January 2016

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 05 - Wood Imbued Espagra

This is the fifth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

This is the fifth entry in the Anatomy of a Creature series for Earthdawn Fourth Edition (ED4). Another creature created with the new template system on which I have been working. This particular combination has yet to be inflicted on a group, but I think I'm looking forward to doing so.

Within a game, this creature could potentially be found within deep forests where the influence of elemental wood is very strong. Less aggressive than common espagra, they are quite territorial and less likely to retreat if the odds are not in their favor. In contrast to the brilliant colors of their cousins, these espagra have tough, bark-like skin in subdued greens and browns which affords excellent protection at the cost of some mobility.

Wood Imbued Espagra

Challenge: Journeyman (Eighth Circle)
DEX: 8        Initiative:                 14       Unconsciousness:   64
STR: 6         Physical Defense: 16       Death Rating:            72
TOU: 8        Mystic Defense:     18       Wound Threshold: 12
PER: 9         Social Defense:      13        Knockdown:              10
WIL: 12      Physical Armor:    8         Recovery Tests:         3
CHA: 7        Mystic Armor:        8
Movement: 10 (Flying 16)
Actions: 3; Bite: 16 (16), Claws x2: 17 (15), Tail: 18 (14)
Dive (10)
Hardened Armor
New Growth (20): As a Simple action, the wood imbued espagra can spend a Recovery Test to make a New Growth test. The wood imbued espagra heals damage equal to the test result.
Resist Pain (2)
Resist Wood (15): The wood imbued espagra gains +15 Physical and Mystic Armor against wood attacks.
Vulnerability to Fire: Fire-based attacks against a wood imbued espagra ignore any protection provided by armor.
Willful (2)
Special Maneuvers:
Clip the Wing (Opponent)
Power Dive (Espagra): Following an attack using Dive, the espagra may spend an additional success to cause a Knockdown test against the target. The Difficulty Number is the Attack test result.
Loot: Skin worth D20 x 10 silver pieces (worth Legend Points).

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