12 February 2016

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 16 - Huge Crocodile

This is the sixteenth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

The huge crocodile is another example of a new creature generated through the use of a template. In this instance, it got a lot bigger. Because sometimes you just need a huge crocodile. Other days you may need a massive crocodile, but that is a different entry.

Huge Crocodile

Challenge: Novice (Fourth Circle)
DEX: 4        Initiative:                  4       Unconsciousness:      50
STR: 9         Physical Defense:  10      Death Rating:               60
TOU: 10      Mystic Defense:      8        Wound Threshold:    14
PER: 3         Social Defense:       8       Knockdown:                  13
WIL: 8        Physical Armor:      9       Recovery Tests:            3
CHA: 3        Mystic Armor:         3
Movement: 8 (Swim 8)
Actions: 1; Bite: 14 (21), Trample: 14 (19)
Ambush (5)
Awareness (7): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 129.
Resist Pain (2)
Semi-AquaticHuge crocodiles can hold their breath for 30 minutes before drowning
Stealthy Stride (12): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 170.
Willful (1)
Special Maneuvers:
Grab and Bite (Huge Crocodile)
Death Roll (Huge Crocodile): The huge crocodile may spend two additional successes from an Attack test to inflict Bite and Hold and force it and its opponent to make a Strength test. If the crocodile succeeds, it drags its prey below the water where it rolls the victim against the bottom, causing Step 7 Damage; no armor protects against this damage. This damage is in addition to continuing damage from the crocodile’s bite.
Overrun (Huge Crocodile, Trample)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)

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