30 August 2016

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Namegiver 01 - Talo

This is the first 4E Anatomy of a Namegiver, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games. This post is part of a birthday present for a friend and should be taken in that spirit.

No one really knows where talos came from, and if the talos do know, it doesn't seem to be important to them. Whether they migrated from outside of Barsaive, emerged from the Scourge as a forgotten Namegiver, or something else entirely - it's a mystery that drives the librarians in Throal crazy.

Talos are curious by nature and even more curious to behold. Rarely standing over five and-a-half feet tall, their upper body resembles that of a lizard (herpetologists are always quick to point out it specifically resembles a gecko) and the lower body of a feline. Each talo has a unique matching, spotted pattern extending over both halves of the body. Even as their fur and scales may be different, they don't change their spots.

Despite their curiosity, these nimble predators are quite skittish when confronted. Though they can easily become brash when they believe circumstances are well in their favor. These are a people, when confronted with something foreign and smaller than their head, who ask the question, "Can I eat this?", rarely considering, "Should I eat this?".

Their various and sundry peculiarities (like licking their eyes, it's really weird) frequently make them difficult for non-talos to understand and get along with. Those who do invest in such a relationship are frequently rewarded with a loyal companion for life. One who is more than willing to find out if the milk is still good. Also, one who is more than willing to see if the pear-sized opal is food if left unsupervised and with no instructions.

Game Information
Starting Attribute Values
DEX 12, STR 10, TOU 11, PER 11, WIL 8, CHA 8
Movement Rate: 14
Karma Modifier: 5

Racial Abilities:
Low-Light Vision: Like elves, talo characters have the racial Low-Light Vision ability (see Player's Guide, p. 46).
Natural Climber: The climbing speed of talo characters is doubled (base speed 4 yards per round, +2 per success), limited by their Movement Rate.
Quick Healer: Talo characters gain +2 to their damage healed when they spend a Recovery Test.

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