05 July 2017

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 19 - Dappled Brithan

This is the nineteenth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

Since the world isn't populated with only one kind of most animals, the same is likely true of Barsaive, featuring a variety of different magical creatures. While this isn't necessarily the case, it does make it easy to provide a greater range of challenges from the same basic creature. Because sometimes you need a more or less powerful version of a particular creature. Especially when there are adventures featuring it at the previous challenge, but 
some jackass decided the common version needed to be more powerful. What a jerk.

Dappled Brithan

Dappled brithans are much like their common counterparts in demeanor and range. Though they can be easily distinguished in two ways. First, they are noticeably smaller, though still dangerous and fearsome by any measure. More noticeable is their coat. Instead of deep brown or blue-black, they are dark gray with white dappling along the back and a creamy underside. While they may be smaller and look slightly different, dappled brithans are just as surly as their larger cousins.

Dappled brithans are suitable as animal companions.

Challenge: Novice (Second Circle)
DEX: 5        Initiative:                  5       Unconsciousness:      37
STR: 8         Physical Defense:  7       Death Rating:               46
TOU: 9        Mystic Defense:      9       Wound Threshold:    13
PER: 5         Social Defense:       7       Knockdown:                  12
WIL: 6        Physical Armor:      5       Recovery Tests:           3
CHA: 4        Mystic Armor:         2
Movement: 12
Actions: 1; Bite: 8 (13), Claw × 2: 9 (11)
Battle Shout (9)As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 131.
Enhanced Sense [Sight] (2)
Frenzy: If more than one character attacks a dappled brithan, the animal fights back savagely, gaining an additional Action and a +4 bonus to Attack and Damage tests.
Fury (2)
Willful (1)
Special Maneuvers:
Enrage (Opponent): Using this maneuver causes the dappled brithan to frenzy.
Grab and Bite (Dappled Brithan, Claws)
Provoke (Opponent, Close Combat)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)

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