14 July 2017

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Horror 01 - Great Pumpkin, The

This is the first 4E Anatomy of a Horror, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

I put this Horror together for a friend who wanted some kind of boss for an adventure in Travar. Since it involved pumpkin patch Horrors, this seemed like a natural and slightly subversive conclusion.

The Great Pumpkin is a Named pumpkin patch Horror and they were used as the basis. Statistics were increased to account for the higher Circle and tier. Then tweaked a little bit to account for how it is slightly different from its less powerful brethren. Sill, not much more interesting, so the (obvious) theme of gluttony was pursued and there may have been a little inspiration from Children of the Corn in there.

It's designed to be accompanied by an appropriate number of pumpkin patch Horrors, and should be a nasty encounter for a Fourth Circle group. Fifth Circle groups could also be appropriate, adding more pumpkin patch Horrors, though Third Circle groups may find this a little much - though this depends heavily on the group.

The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin is a complete bastard. It’s a Named pumpkin patch Horror and exists to torment and eat people. The people it eats are converted into Horror constructs and hatch from pumpkins in its patch. It’s pretty gross. They seem normal, but they’re not. They’re pretty messed in the head. Freaky things go down on the farm.

Challenge: Journeyman (Fifth Circle)
DEX: 8        Initiative:                  8       Unconsciousness:      74
STR: 10       Physical Defense:  11      Death Rating:               87
TOU: 13      Mystic Defense:      13      Wound Threshold:    19
PER: 8         Social Defense:       9       Knockdown:                  -
WIL: 6        Physical Armor:      6       Recovery Tests:           4
CHA: 7        Mystic Armor:         5       Karma:                             6 (24)
Movement: 8
Actions: 3; Bite: 13 (15), Tendrils: 16 (12)
Ambush (10)
Awareness (9)As the talent, Player's Guide, p. 130.
Cursed Luck (12)
Digest (10): A swallowed target gets to meet The Great Pumpkin's digestive juices. The target takes Step 10/Physical damage at the beginning of each round before Initiative is determined. After damage is assessed, the target's Physical Armor is reduced by -1. Thread items are never destroyed by this effect.
Enhanced Sense [Touch] (6)The Great Pumpkin may make Perception tests against anything touching the ground within 100 yards.
Harvest Energy (11): If The Great Pumpkin inflicts a Wound on a target, it gains an additional point of Karma even if the test is not successful.
Horror Mark (12)
Forge Construct (13)
Karma Boost
Many Mouths to Feed: The Great Pumpkin is not limited in the number of bite attacks it can make in one round.
Not The Fine Pumpkin: The Great Pumpkin is a very vain Horror and sensitive to how it is perceived by Namegivers. Even if they are just thinking it, The Great Pumpkin knows when it is being mocked or referred to in any way other than its Name, The Great Pumpkin, within 100 yards. It enters a frenzy against the target, gaining +1 additional action and +2 to Attack and Damage tests against any who refer to it as anything other than The Great Pumpkin (even out of character).
Silent Walk (14): As the talent, Player's Guide, p. 170.
Tendril Drag (15, Standard)The Great Pumpkin makes a Tendril Drag test against a target up to 30 yards away. If successful, the target is entangled (see Entangling Weapons, Player’s Guide, p. 391) with a DN of 10, and The Great Pumpkin drags them into the patch. Each round (including this one), The Great Pumpkin makes a Strength test against the target’s Strength Step, and drags them 2 yards per success.
Special Maneuvers:
Cut Free (Opponent): The opponent may spend an additional success on an Attack test to attempt to free a swallowed target. If the attack causes a Wound, a swallowed target escapes. If there is more than one swallowed target, determine who escapes randomly.
Enrage (Opponent)
Flesh Rend (The Great Pumpkin, Close Combat)The Great Pumpkin savages its opponent with a toothy maw, spending additional successes on their Attack test to reduce their opponent’s Wound Threshold by -3 for this attack.
Grab and Bite (The Great Pumpkin)If The Great Pumpkin starts its turn grappling a target, it may automatically use the Swallow Whole special maneuver on the target. The Great Pumpkin may only do this once per round.
Opening (The Great Pumpkin)The Great Pumpkin may spend additional successes from an Attack test to give pumpkin patch Horrors a +1 bonus per success spent to Attack tests against the opponent until the end of the next round.
Provoke (Opponent, Close Combat)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)
Swallow Whole (The Great Pumpkin, Bite)The Great Pumpkin can spend two additional successes on an Attack test to swallow the target. The target may escape The Great Pumpkin’s insides by making a successful Attack test with a bladed weapon against the The Great Pumpkin’s Physical Defense, or casting a spell that causes damage reduced by Physical Armor against the The Great Pumpkin’s Mystic Defense, and inflicting a Wound. Attack and Damage tests from weapons larger than Size 2 have a penalty equal to the weapon’s size. The target is Harried while swallowed.

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