06 September 2017

Earthdawn 4E: Rogues' Gallery 18 - T'skrang Swordmaster (Circle 5) Prototype

This is the eighteenth 4E Rogues' Gallery, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

A new entry in this experiment to create adept opponents as creatures, rather than as full-blown characters.

The most difficult part is emulating the feel of the Discipline while operating within the constraints of creature design. This includes reduced health ratings and minimal rolling. It leads to situations where the abilities aren't the same as a character may have access. This is okay as long as it feels like the opponent is the appropriate Discipline. In this case, a Swordmaster. More specifically, a t'skrang Swordmaster, which is tailored to the Namegiver.

There are some tricky parts yet to resolve. It cannot be stressed enough these are prototypes. The goal is to bring the flavor and feeling of the various abilities and Disciplines, while reducing the overall workload associated with using them. What is presented here may not be the final form and everything may very well change. If you use anything here, I'd love to hear how it went.

This approach isn't appropriate for every NPC and some deserve a full write-up. However, if they don't have a Name, this might work out for the best.

Swordmaster, T'skrang

A t'skrang Swordmaster is a typically a flamboyant opponent more interested in winning and making an impression than anything so vicious as killing their opponent. Even in defeat, it must be stylish. Unless they are from House K'tenshin.

Challenge: Journeyman (Fifth Circle)
DEX: 7        Initiative:                   15      Unconsciousness:      43
STR: 6         Physical Defense:   13       Death Rating:              49
TOU: 6        Mystic Defense:       10       Wound Threshold:    9
PER: 6         Social Defense:        13      Knockdown:                 11
WIL: 5        Physical Armor:       5        Recovery Tests:           2
CHA: 7        Mystic Armor:          5        Karma:                            4 (8)
Movement: 12
Actions: 2; Broad Sword ×2: 15 (13), Short Sword: 13 (12)
Anticipate Blow: The t'skrang Swordmaster inflicts an additional point of damage for each additional success on an Attack test (typically +3 instead of +2) against opponents with a lower Initiative result.
Cobra Strike (5): The t'skrang Swordmaster gains +5 to Attack tests against opponents with a lower Initiative result.
Riposte (9, Free): The t'skrang Swordmaster takes advantage of poor swordsmanship to launch a counterattack against their opponent. If the t'skrang Swordmaster is attacked in close combat and the Attack test does not succeed against the Riposte Step, the t'skrang Swordmaster immediately makes an Attack test with their broad sword against the attacker. This power can be used once per round.
Taunt (12, Simple): As the talent, Player's Guide, p. 173.
Special Maneuvers:
Provoke (Opponent, Close Combat)
Tail Attack (T'skrang Swordmaster, Close Combat): The t'skrang Swordmaster may spend one additional success on an Attack test to make an additional attack against their opponent with their short sword. This special maneuver may be used once per round.
Equipment: Broad sword ×2, crystal ringlet, and a short sword.

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