23 April 2020

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 26 - Fish, Lava

This is the twenty-sixth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

These began as a throwaway line in the magma beast entry about what they eat. But it feels like the weird ecosystem of Death's Sea should be developed more. So, lava fish. Will they ever see use? Well, I'm certainly going to keep trying.

Fish, Lava

There are numerous different kinds of lava fish living within Death’s Sea and are a favorite food source for many of the other, larger inhabitants. Not much is known about the varieties of lava fish and there hasn’t been much effort put towards the endeavor given the inherent difficulties associated with working in the region. Thus, the taxonomy of lava fish is tragically sparse.

These lava fish are one of the varieties commonly seen by fire miners, called “niriths,” among other names. Traveling in schools of 5-100, these gleaming red and black fish can be seen leaping through the molten waves of Death’s Sea. Their bodies are sleek, anywhere from three to six feet in length, with long fins to help them fly through the air, and very sharp teeth.

Despite being prey for magma beasts and others, these lava fish are intent on doing much the same to any unlucky fire miners. The school swims around the clenka with the miners, leaping from the lava to take whatever morsels can be had from the potential meal. If any targets fall in, so much the better - the school feasts on them before they get too well done. Otherwise, lava fish continue their harassment until they've had their fill or the miners depart.

Since turnabout is fair play, fire miners have managed to kill and fillet lava fish, which is often described as delicious, but an acquired taste best consumed raw. They aren’t available in any markets - once killed, they self-immolate in short order - and are a small delicacy among those they threaten the most.

Challenge: Novice (Third Circle)
DEX: 8        Initiative:                  10      Unconsciousness:      33
STR: 5         Physical Defense:   12      Death Rating:              39
TOU: 6        Mystic Defense:       11      Wound Threshold:    9
PER: 5         Social Defense:        7       Knockdown:                 NA
WIL: 3        Physical Armor:       5       Recovery Tests:           2
CHA: 4        Mystic Armor:          5        
Movement: 14
Actions: 1; Bite: 13 (12)
Enhanced Sense [Hearing] (4)
Enhanced Sense [Smell] (2)
Great Leap (8)
Leaping Attack: The lava fish may split its movement when using Great Lap (Player’s Guide, p. 389) without penalty, and does not spend Strain.
Immune to Fire: The lava fish suffers no damage from mundane fire attacks, and gains +20 Physical and Mystic Armor against magical or elemental fire.
Vulnerable to Water: Attacks with the water or cold keyword against the lava fish ignore any protection provided by armor.
Special Maneuvers:
Flying Fish (Lava Fish): The lava fish may spend two additional successes from an Attack test to forcefully slam into the target before leaping back into the lava. The opponent must make a Knockdown test against a Difficulty equal to the Attack test result, or be knocked down and knocked back two yards.
Loot: Scales worth 50 silver pieces (worth Legend Points).

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