29 May 2020

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Horror 08 - Registeel (Legendary Steelman)

This is the eighth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

Continuing with examples of legendary opponents, here's a legendary steelman to showcase how a normally very earthbound opponent can have some additional abilities added to allow them to threaten ranged and flying opponents.

Registeel (Legendary Steelman)

Originally one of the most sophisticated steelmen, Registeel housed an experimental power source used for Theran research into mana storage and manipulation. Like other falsemen, Registeel was given rudimentary sentience. Unlike other falsemen, the power source elevated that into true intelligence and self-awareness. Registeel's last instruction from their creator was to guard and this remains a subtle, but overriding compulsion. However, the construct no longer has anything to guard and over the centuries of the Scourge essentially learned wrong from its the Horrors around them.

If the Horrors ever learned the truths of Registeel's self-awareness or power source, things could have ended very differently. They're aware of this and seek independence and a place to belong, even though they have no idea how to do this or what it means. All Registeel knows is inflicting pain and cruelty. However, deep within it wants to know more even if it doesn't know how to articulate it.

Challenge: Journeyman (Legendary Eighth Circle)
DEX: 8         Initiative:                    13       Unconsciousness:      NA
STR: 12        Physical Defense:   13       Death Rating:               560
TOU: 12        Mystic Defense:      17       Wound Threshold:     23
PER: 10        Social Defense:       17       Knockdown:                  24
WIL: 12        Physical Armor:     17       Recovery Tests:            4
CHA: 6         Mystic Armor:         13       Karma:                             4 (16)
Movement: 10
Actions: 2; Unarmed: 18 (24)
Awareness (11): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 129.
Flash Cannon (20): Registeel extends its arm with palm outstreched towards a target within 100 yards, then clenches their fist as though crushing the target and jerks it down rapidly. They make a Horror Power test against the target's Mystic Defense. If successful, the target suffers damage equal to the Flash Cannon test result, +2 per each Horror Power additional success spent on damage. Physical Armor protects against this damage.
Hardened Armor
Horror Power (18, Flash Cannon, Standard)
Immune to Fear
Indomitable: The absolute value of Action test and Defense penalties applied to Registeel are halved (e.g, half of -3 is -2 since the absolute value of -3 is 3 and half of 3 is 1.5, which rounds to 2). This includes penalties from Harried and explicitly does not include bonuses applied against Registeel.
Invincible (Simple): Registeel recovers from one Wound.
Resist Pain (4)

Shock Wave (22, Free): This is triggered the first time one of the following happens: Registeel has 5 Wounds or Registeel's current damage is over 280. Registeel's internal energy is exposed and spills out to the surroundings. Everything within 100 yards must make a Knockdown test against the Gravity Wave Step. If failed, tests to Jump Up suffer a -2 penalty until the end of next round. This power can only be used once per encounter.
Unconquerable (Simple): Registeel ends an ongoing effect that functionally prevents them from taking actions. These effects include grappling, spells like Crushing Hand of Earth, Spell Cage, talents like Spirit Hold, etc. This power can also be used when Registeel takes an Unrelenting action, but they must make a test as normal. Unflinching applies to this test.
Unflinching (2): Registeel gains a +10 bonus to any test to resist ongoing effects.
Unrelenting (1): After a character opposing Registeel takes their turn, Registeel may take a Standard and Movement action (at half movement rate) against that character. These cannot be continuations of actions taken on Registeel’s turn (e.g., continuing to weave threads for a spell) and must include the character as a target (though the action can affect multiple targets). If Registeel cannot reach or affect the character, it may target a different character.

Unyielding (Simple): Registeel stands up. This can be used once per round at the beginning of their turn or before they take an Unrelenting action.
Special Maneuvers:

Earth-Shattering Headache (Registeel, Unarmed): Registeel may spend two
additional successes on an Attack test to strike their target on the top of their head,
causing them to be Harried until the end of the next round.
Ethereal Attack (Registeel): Registeel can spend an additional success to cause an attack to affect Mystic Armor instead of Physical Armor.
Impact (Registeel, Horror Power): Registeel may spend an additional success on a Horror Power test to cause the target to make a Knockdown test against the damage result after it is reduced by Physical Armor. If the target is knocked down and flying, they take falling damage equal to twice the falling distance as they are violently accelerated into the ground.

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