03 June 2020

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 33 - Raikou (Legendary Storm Imbued Skeorx)

This is the thirty-third 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

Continuing with examples of legendary opponents, here's a legendary storm imbued skeorx. This is going to keep happening until one of many things happens. Maybe it's two. But there's a lot of possible ways for this to end. Like, someone stopping me. Getting bored. The weekend happening. Getting distracted by something shiny. Is that a quarter?

Raikou (Legendary Storm Imbued Skeorx)

While skeorx are well known as dangerous, unpredictable creatures, Raikou is legendarily so. Raikou is yellow with black stripes and has what appears to be an X-shaped scar across its face, and most frequently seen roaming the plains of Barsaive rather than in jungles. It particularly enjoys when thunderstorms race across the plains and can be seen running as lightning strikes around it.

One of the legends about Raikou say its stormy nature could be calmed by a young Beastmaster. One such up and coming young Beastmaster believed they were the very best that there ever was and attempted to befriend Raikou. It did not go well and their companions who survived the encounter said he was reduced to ash.

Challenge: Warden (Legendary Ninth Circle)
DEX: 16       Initiative:                    34      Unconsciousness:      330
STR: 15        Physical Defense:    22       Death Rating:               380
TOU: 7         Mystic Defense:        18       Wound Threshold:     16
PER: 8         Social Defense:         16       Knockdown:                  34
WIL: 8         Physical Armor:       12       Recovery Tests:            3
CHA: 6        Mystic Armor:            9        Karma:                             4 (16)
Movement: 22
Actions: 4; Bite: 23 (22), Claws x2: 24 (21), Tail: 23 (20)
Ambush (15)
Battle Shout (17): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 131.
Climbing (20): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 134.
Creature Power (24, Electrical Discharge, Free)
Creature Power (24, Thunderbolt, Standard)
Electrical Discharge (24): Air - Electricity. After a successful Attack or Spellcasting test against Raikou, but before the effect is resolved, Raikou may make a Creature Power test against the opponent's Mystic Defense. If successful, Raikou makes an Electrical Discharge test to determine damage; Physical Armor protects against this damage. The effects of Electrical Discharge and the triggering power are resolved simultaneously. This power may be used once per round.
Enhanced Sense [Hearing] (4)
Enhanced Sense [Sight]: Low-Light Vision
Great Leap (18)
Indomitable: The absolute value of Action test and Defense penalties applied to Raikou are halved (e.g, half of -3 is -2 since the absolute value of -3 is 3 and half of 3 is 1.5, which rounds to 2). This includes penalties from Harried and explicitly does not include bonuses applied against Raikou.
Invincible (Simple): Raikou recovers from one Wound.
Resist Air (15): Raikou gains +15 Physical and Mystic Armor against air attacks.

Stealthy Stride (26): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 170.
Thunderbolt (20): Air - Electricity. Raikou bellows and electricty courses along its body, forming a thunderbolt fires in an X shape from its head. Raikou makes a Creature power test against the Mystic Defense of a target within 100 yards. If successful, it makes a Thunderbolt test to determine the damage; Physical Armor protects. Each additional success on the Creature Power test chains a thunderbolt from the target to a different target (use the original Creature Power result for these secondary attacks). The secondary targets must be within 100 yards of Raikou. Additional successes on the secondary targets do not produce additional Thunderbolts. This power may be used once per round.
Thunderstruck (24, Free): Air - Electricity. Once per round, each target adjacent to Raikou must make a Knockdown test against the Thunderstruck Step.
Unconquerable (Simple): Raikou ends an ongoing effect that functionally prevents them from taking actions. These effects include grappling, spells like Crushing Hand of Earth, Spell Cage, talents like Spirit Hold, etc. This power can also be used when Raikou takes an Unrelenting action, but they must make a test as normal. Unflinching applies to this test.
Unflinching (3): Raikou gains a +15 bonus to any test to resist ongoing effects.
Unrelenting (2): After a character opposing Raikou takes their turn, Raikou may take two Standard and a Movement action (at half movement rate) against that character. These cannot be continuations of actions taken on Raikou’s turn (e.g., continuing to weave threads for a spell) and must include the character as a target (though the action can affect multiple targets). If Raikou cannot reach or affect the character, it may target a different character.

Unyielding (Simple): Raikou stands up. This can be used once per round at the beginning of their turn or before they take an Unrelenting action.
Volt Switch (Free): After making an air-electricity attack, Raikou can teleport 10 yards. This power can be used once per round.
Vulnerability to Earth: Earth-based attacks against Raikou ignore protection provided by armor.
Wild Charge (Free): This is triggered the first time one of the following happens: Raikou has 5 Wounds or Raikou's current damage is over 165. Raikou roars to the sky and it responds with thunder and lightning strikes Raikou, charging it up. Raikou gains +2 to Attack and Damage tests or can affect Mystic Defense and Mystic Armor. This applies to its Bite, Claws, or Tail attacks and lasts until the end of the encounter.
Willful (3)
Special Maneuvers:
Enrage (Opponent)
Jagged Tail (Raikou, Tail): Raikou may use two additional successes on an Attack test to automatically grapple the target. Tail damage may be dealt automatically each subsequent round to the target. Any attempt by the victim to break free causes Step 10 damage. Physical Armor protects against this damage.
Pounce (Raikou, Bite or Claw attacks only)
Provoke (Opponent, Close Combat)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)

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