11 June 2020

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Horror 12 - Ulogore

This is the twelfth 4E Anatomy of a Horror, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

Here is a Named bloatform. Some Horrors are meant to disgust you in their actions. Ulogore is just disgusting. If the characteres seeing it aren't physically nauseated, something isn't coming across.


Even by bloatform standards, Ulogore is foul to behold. It’s vaguely gumdrop-shaped body looks partially melted and smells of sulfur, rotten fish, and decomposing bodies. Strange, translucent bladders inflate and deflate across its form, expelling noxious fumes of various colors to the air around it. The Horror has a malformed, vaguely human-like face with large blunt, stained teeth and dozens of tentacles with mouths at the end and along their length with the same blunt teeth. Its astral form is a beautiful, but impossible geometric fountain pitted and stained by the viscous fluid spewing forth into astral space around it.

Ulogore wallows in filth, but has no interest in residing already filthy areas. It revels in turning once pristine locales into cesspools. Once it’s work is done, it finds a new lair. What it leaves behind never comes out. The Horror particularly enjoys subtly corrupting food supplies, usually by spreading its putrescence through a vital water supply. But the time the taint becomes obvious, it is too late for any affected communities.

The Horror marks its victims after they consume any food or beverage contaminated by its essence. This contamination is through tainted water and/or plants, or deliberate spread by Ulogore’s constructs. Once marked, its victims slowly go insane, suffering acute paranoia regarding food. Eventually, the strongest willed simply starve to death as their loved ones watch on, helpless. However, most victims succumb and butcher their friends and loved ones. Who the victims perceive as their only safe source of food. While the latter scenario is more delicious to Ulogore, either provides quite satisfactory meals for the Horror.

Challenge: Warden (Twelfth Circle)
DEX: 8          Initiative:                    8        Unconsciousness:      147
STR: 12         Physical Defense:  18       Death Rating:               168
TOU: 21        Mystic Defense:      25       Wound Threshold:     31
PER: 19         Social Defense:       23       Knockdown:                 16
WIL: 22        Physical Armor:     18       Recovery Tests:            7
CHA: 9         Mystic Armor:         18        Karma:                            10 (40)
Movement: 4
Actions: 3; Bite: 25 (28), Tentacle: 29 (24
Animate Dead (27, Standard)
Corrupt Appetite (8): The marked victim begins to distrust all food, seeing it as corrupted. Each week, the victim makes a Willpower (8) test. If successful, they go weeks equal to the successes without making another Corrupt Appetite test. If failed, the victim slides deeper into madness. Once the victim has failed four tests, they can no longer eat normal food. Only meat from their friends and loved ones is fit to eat. The victim continues making Corrupt Appetite tests until they fail or die. If failed, events take a grisly turn. Otherwise, the victim dies in four weeks.
Corrupt Karma (29, Standard)
Corrupt Reality (34, Standard)

Dual Nature: Ulogore has an astral and physical form. They are not independent, but both must be destroyed to kill the Horror. As long as one of the forms survives, it can reform the other. Attacks that deal mystic damage affect both forms.
Favored Spell (Bone Pudding): Each success on a Spellcasting test to weave threads for Bone Pudding weaves two threads instead of one.
Favored Spell (Foul Vapors): Each success on a Spellcasting test to weave threads for Foul Vapors weaves two threads instead of one.
Forge Construct (34, Sustained)
Foul Transport (24, Standard*): Ulogore can instantly move to any location containing its vapors. When used, Ulogore’s bladders begin quickly pumping, but all vapors collect in a location within 30 yards. Ulogore arrives at the destination at the beginning of its next turn in a puff of foul vapors. All targets adjacent to the destination prior to Ulogore’s arrival and all target’s adjacent to its previous location after it departs are Harried until the end of the next round and take Step 24/Mystic damage due to the horrifying and foul vapors. Any targets at Ulogore’s destination when it teleports are affected by It’s Even Worse Under Here. This power cannot be used on consecutive rounds or more than once per round. Once activated, Ulogore cannot cancel this power.
Harvest Energy (34, Free): If the harvested emotion is disgust, fear, or guilt, Ulogore gains an additional Karma point, and gains a point even if the test fails.
Horror Mark (31, Standard): In addition to the normal effects, the victim of the Ulogore’s Horror Mark gains a Corruption Point upon receiving the mark and suffers from Corrupt Appetite.
Immune to Fear
It’s Even Worse Under Here (15): By some horrible confluence of events, the victim is underneath Ulogore’s mass. The Horror is lighter than it looks, but still heavy and it is revolting underneath. It’s covered in all the slimy, oozing substances resulting from decomposition, and now so is the victim. There are rotting corpses slowly being consumed by many misshapen mouths. Ulogore doesn’t like anything fresh. The victim is Harried, Knocked Down, and suffers Step 15 damage each round from the teeth and bulk. Armor does not protect against this damage. The victim can escape with a successful Strength (10) or Dexterity (10) test; this test may be made by another character as a Standard action. Pry Loose provides bonuses to these tests as normal.
Long Tentacles: Ulogore’s tentacles have a range of 6 yards and are entangling weapons.
Mouths Everywhere: Ulogore has no limits on the number of bite attacks it can make in a round.
Resist Pain (2)
Spellcasting (29): As the talent, Player’s Guide, p. 168.
Spells (Player’s Guide): Astral Spear (p. 317), Ethereal Darkness (p. 319), Spirit Dart (p. 322), Spirit Grip (p. 322), Pain (p. 327), Blind (p. 331), Wither Limb (p. 333), Bone Shatter (p. 334), Debilitating Gloom (p. 335), Recovery (p. 335), Bone Pudding (p. 337), Constrict Heart (p. 338), Foul Vapors (p. 338), Wither Away (p. 342)
Terror (31, Standard)
That Smell (10): All opponents within 50 yards of Ulogore must make a Willpower (10) test before Initiative is determined. If successful, the target is not Harried. Each additional success exempts the target from this power for one round. If failed, the target is Harried until the end of the next round.
Unnatural Life (34, Standard)

Special Maneuvers:
Grab and Bite (Ulogore, Tentacle)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)

Secret Stash (Ulogore, Tentacle): Ulogore spend three additional successes on an Attack test to use It’s Even Worse Under Here on the target.
Slowpoke (Opponent, Close Combat): If the opponent has sufficient movement, they may spend an additional success on an Attack test to quickly move behind Ulogore before it can react. Ulogore is Blindsided against the opponent until the end of the round.
Terrifying Power (Ulogore): Ulogore may spend two additional successes on an Action test to affect the victim with Terror as a Free action.

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