06 July 2020

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 35 - Poryvatch (Legendary Ashen Bukavac)

This is the thirty-fifth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

The fourth annual Orichalcum happened over the weekend and FASA Games too part for the second year in a row. This is a Polish convention celebrating Earthdawn, which is pretty awesome. Last year Andi and Josh were flown out as the guests of honor (this might be a hazy memory crossed with an assumption) and had nothing but glowing things to say about their hosts. And I got two bottles of KWZ ink, which is lovely and difficult to find on my side of the pond, so I really think it was a win for everyone. Due to the continuing events across the world (and the absolute failure to rise to the occasion from some notable world leaders), it was a virtual convention. The benefit from that was it was the first international Earthdawn convention. As part of it, members of the Earthdawn development team held discussions and ran some games.

All this is preamble to explain I designed this creature for Andi to use in her session. It may raise some questions like, what is a bukavac let alone an ashen bukavac? I'm here to not provide answers to those questions. Maybe in the future. Maybe. If you're good. Maybe then.

Like most legendary opponent entries, they seem a lot nastier on paper than they are in person. Yes, they are challenging. This is the intent. However, they're neither unfair nor too much. They may require adjusting tactics on the fly, adapting, etc. This is a good thing, because it keeps things from becoming rote or stale. 

Poryvatch (Legendary Ashen Bukavac)

Like all ashen bukavacs, Poryvatch is stunted and gnarled compared to his brethren who reside in the waterways of Barsaive proper. Instead of the brilliant red and black, his eyes and skin are dusky red and greg, revealing his exposure to varju. His massive horns are still twisted and dangerous, and the claws on his six feet are dangerous despite his smaller size.

While water is scarce in the Wastes, he prefers to spend as much time in the fetid streams and ponds that can still be found. That is also where he’s building a nest to attract a mate, adorned with the drowned children he’s abducting from nearby settlements. If all goes well, the corpses will serve as both a place for the young to grow and give them something to feed on when they come into the world. Nicely rotted and easy to digest.

Challenge: Novice (Legendary Fourth Circle)
DEX: 9         Initiative:                    9      Unconsciousness:      220
STR: 10        Physical Defense:   12     Death Rating:               260
TOU: 8         Mystic Defense:       12     Wound Threshold:     17
PER: 8          Social Defense:       9       Knockdown:                  21
WIL: 7          Physical Armor:      7       Recovery Tests:            3
CHA: 5         Mystic Armor:         6        Karma:                             4 (16)
Movement: 16 (Swimming 12)
Actions: 1; Bite: 11 (16), Claws x6: 15 (12), Horns: 13 (14)
Ambush (5)
Awareness (12): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 129.
Enhanced Sense [Hearing] (4)
Enhanced Sense [Other] (4): Astral Sight, as the talent, Player's Guide, p. 129.
Enhanced Sense [Sight] (4): Heat Sight
Enhanced Sense [Smell] (4): Tracking
Great Leap (10)
Indomitable: The absolute value of Action test and Defense penalties applied to Poryvatch are halved (e.g, half of -3 is -2 since the absolute value of -3 is 3 and half of 3 is 1.5, which rounds to 2). This includes penalties from Harried and explicitly does not include bonuses applied against Poryvatch. This does not include penalties inflicted from Enrage.
Invincible (Simple): Poryvatch recovers from one Wound.
Pattern Poison (15, Free): This is triggered the first time one of the following happens: Poryvatch has 5 Wounds or Poryvatch's current damage is over 110. Poryvatch bellows loudly and a wave of poisoned astral energy radiates from him, affecting everything within 50 yards. All opponents are Harried until the end of the next round sa the poison courses through their pattern and the wave dispels any spells with a Dispel Difficulty of less than 15. This can be used once per encounter.
Resist Pain (2)

Stealthy Stride (13): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 170.
Tracking (12): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 175.
Unconquerable (Simple): Poryvatch ends an ongoing effect that functionally prevents them from taking actions. These effects include grappling, spells like Crushing Hand of Earth, Spell Cage, talents like Spirit Hold, etc. This power can also be used when Poryvatch takes an Unrelenting action, but they must make a test as normal. Unflinching applies to this test.
Unflinching (1): Poryvatch gains a +5 bonus to any test to resist ongoing effects.
Unrelenting (1): After a character opposing Poryvatch takes their turn, Poryvatch may take a Standard and Movement action (at half movement rate) against that character. These cannot be continuations of actions taken on Poryvatch’s turn (e.g., continuing to weave threads for a spell) and must include the character as a target (though the action can affect multiple targets). If Poryvatch cannot reach or affect the character, it may target a different character.

Unyielding (Simple): Poryvatch stands up. This can be used once per round at the beginning of their turn or before they take an Unrelenting action.
Venoshock: Poryvatch can target Mystic Defense instead of Physical Defense. This can be used once per round.
Willful (2)
Special Maneuvers:
Enrage (Opponent)
Ethereal Attack (Poryvatch): Poryvatch may spend an additional success on an Attack test to cause an attack to affect Mystic Armor instead of Physical Armor.
Horn Sweep (Poryvatch, Horns): Poryvatch may spend additional successes from an Attack test to throw its opponent. Each success spent in this way throws the opponent 2-yards and the opponent treats this distance as falling (see Gamemaster's Guide, p. 167)
Pounce (Poryvatch, Bite or Claws)
Provoke (Opponent, Close Combat)

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  1. I fought this during that game, thanks for making and sharing it!