20 August 2020

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Thread Item 65 - Passion's Pursuit

This is the sixty-fifth 4E Anatomy of a Thread Item, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

A thread item written for an online game I offered to help with thread items. This was written with the request of a necklace with twelve beads (one for each Passion) that stores Karma. Clearly that kind of setup is going to do some things related to Passions. While the general ability riffs on an item I previously wrote, this is different enough to stand on its own. Though the real fun (for me at least) comes in trying to identify which bead goes with each Passion. Some are obvious. Some less so.

Passion's Pursuit

Maximum Threads: 1
Mystic Defense: 12
Legend Point Cost: Journeyman

A necklace with twelve large beads of differing materials and unique carvings. The positions of the beads are fixed, with an image facing forward and runes carved behind. It’s notable how deep the carvings are, making them easy to discern by touch. Though any rough edges were long since worn smooth by the fingers of many over the years.

The beads and the symbols carved are as follows: brass with a hammer, glass with a dagger, gold with scales, granite with an upraised palm, rusted iron with an open gate, marble with a scroll, oak with a door, red hematite with a flame, silver with hands shaking, spruce with a harp, steel with a waving banner, and willow with a willow tree.

Thread Rank One
Key Knowledge: The owner must learn the necklace’s Name.
Effect: The wearer gains +1 to Social Defense.

Thread Rank Two
Effect: The owner may store Karma Points up to the thread rank in the necklace. The wearer may transfer Karma Points between their Karma pool and the necklace as a Standard action, and may spend Karma from the necklace as if it were in their Karma pool.

Thread Rank Three
Key Knowledge: The owner must learn what each symbol, material, and rune represents.
Effect: The wearer gains the Passion’s Pursuit ability. As a Simple action, the wearer touches a bead and channels the ideals of that Passion. This allows the wearer to spend an additional Karma Point any test appropriate to the Passion’s ideals. This cannot affect Sustained actions. This ability may be used once per day.

If the wearer uses a bead associated with a now Mad Passion, channeling their old ideals, something goes wrong (“yes, but…”) at the gamemaster’s discretion.

Thread Rank Four
Effect: The wearer gains +1 to Mystic Armor.

Thread Rank Five
Key Knowledge: The owner must learn who created the necklace.
Effect: The wearer can use Passion’s Pursuit twice per day. Each bead can only be targeted once each day.

Thread Rank Six
Effect: The wearer can use Passion’s Pursuit three times per day. Each bead can still only be targeted once each day.


  1. One of the twelve beads does not get a description here. If I have my associations correct, it's Thystonius' bead that's missing--though I could be convinced it's Rashomon's instead. Maybe a sword on steel?