20 October 2020

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Thread Item 106 - Crystalline Depths

This is the one-hundred and sixth 4E Anatomy of a Thread Item, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

A thread item written for an online game I offered to help with thread items. This was written in collaboration with a player. They wanted crystal plate armor with Initiative Penalty reduction and a bonus to escape grappling. Some basic armor enhancements are appropriate and a small bonus to Jump Up fit with the overall theme. The description was provided by the player and I cleaned it up a bit.

Crytalline Depths

Maximum Threads: 1
Mystic Defense: 12
Legend Point Cost: Journeyman

This crystal plate armor dark blue espagra scale as the inner liner, creating an effect similar to looking into deep water. Runes are inlaid with orichalcum are carved across the armor and it is infused with True water. This not only reduces the grating noise to a tolerable level, but allows the wearer considerable grace when moving..

The armor automatically resizes to fit the wearer once a thread is attached.

Thread Rank One
Key Knowledge: The owner must learn the armor’s Name.
Effect: The armor is Initiative Penalty 4.

Thread Rank Two
Effect: The armor is Physical Armor 8.

Thread Rank Three
Key Knowledge: The owner must learn who crafted the armor.
Effect: The armor is Initiative Penalty 3.

Thread Rank Four
Effect: The armor is Mystic Armor 8.

Thread Rank Five
Key Knowledge: The owner must learn where the crystal was harvested.
Effect: The wearer gains the Crystalline Depths ability. As a Free action for 1 Strain, veins of deep blue appear throughout the armor as the True water infusing it leaks to the surface, lubricating it. The wearer gains +3 to their next test to break free from an entangling or grappling effect until the end of the round.

Thread Rank Six
Effect: The True water from Crystalline Depths also provides increased flexibility to the armor and wearer, giving +2 to Jump Up tests when the ability is used.

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