24 February 2021

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 36 - Kriktikik

This is the thirty-sixth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

This particular peice of work has been bouncing around in my head for a while and I decided to put it to paper. Er, virtual paper. It's a highly mobile pack hunter with a variety of different disrupting options beyond just doing damage. They would (hypothetically) be even worse if there were some kind of gnarlier version within their social structure where these beasties harassed, screened, and generally pinned opponents down for the others to lay down the hammer.

But that would just be mean.


Described by some windlings as the “little Scourge” of Glenwood Deep, these arachnids first appeared there sometime during the Scourge, but have since spread to forests and jungles across Barsaive and potentially further. There are many things that set them apart from other arachnids, but perhaps the most dangerous is their social organization. They get their name from the sounds like make when communicating with each other, only growing silent while waiting in ambush.

Kirktikiks are typically around four feet long with mottled exoskeletons that take on the appearance of their habitat within two to four generations, blending in well. They have eight limbs, the foremost developed grasping hydraulic claws at the end that hold prey to paralyze and consume with their mandibles and complex mouth parts. Kriktikiks’ bodies are long and flexible with an orifice at the end capable of producing both venom and webbing as needed. It can point in nearly any direction and the nozzle at the end allows it to achieve both remarkable accuracy and range.

They are fiendishly clever and quick, and always hunt in groups. Kriktikiks lay traps with their webbing among the branches of trees, allowing them to easily navigate the sticky substance along with their incredibly jumping ability. Though sometimes one may act as bait to lure prey in if other tactics are not working.

Challenge: Journeyman (Sixth Circle)
DEX: 9        Initiative:                  13      Unconsciousness:      54
STR: 7         Physical Defense:   14      Death Rating:               62
TOU: 8        Mystic Defense:       12     Wound Threshold:     13
PER: 7         Social Defense:        10      Knockdown:                 13
WIL: 5        Physical Armor:       8       Recovery Tests:           3
CHA: 6       Mystic Armor:           4        
Movement: 20 (Climbing 20)
Actions: 2; Bite: 12 (17, Poison), Claws ×2: 16 (13)
Ambush (10)
Awareness (13): As the skill, Player’s Guide, p. 129.
Creature Power (16, Spit Venom, Standard)
Great Leap (16)

Hardened Armor
Poison (12): If the kriktikik sprays a target with venom or inflicts a Wound with its bite, the target must resist a paralytic poison (Gamemaster’s Guide, p. 171). The poison is Step 12 [Onset: 1 round, Interval 4/1 round, Duration: 8 hours]
Resist Pain (2)
Spin Web (15, Standard): The kriktikik can spit its webbing at a target within 20 yards. The kriktikik makes a Spin Web test against the target’s Physical Defense. If successful, the target is affected by the Web Trap power.
Spray Venom (15): The kriktikik can spray venom at a target within 20 yards. It makes a Creature Power test against the target’s Mystic Defense. If successful, the target suffers Step 10 Mystic damage.
Stealthy Stride (15): As the skill, Player’s Guide, p. 170.
Web Trap (12): Kriktikik webs are strong enough to entangle most Namegivers and difficult to spot, using the kriktikik’s Stealthy Stride Step to be detected. If a character becomes stuck in the kriktikik’s web, they are entangled (Player’s Guide, p. 391). They must succeed at a Strength (12) test to break free. If a character is carrying a small (Size 1 or 2) sharp weapon at the time they were trapped, they may add the weapon’s Damage Step as a bonus to the Strength test.

Willful (1)

Special Maneuvers:
Defang (Opponent, Close Combat)
Grab and Bite (Kriktikik, Claws)
Hamstring (Kriktikik, Bite)
Pounce (Kriktikik)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat): This special maneuver can also be used for allies entanglied with Web Trap.
Stifle (Opponent)The attacker may use two extra successes on an Attack test to prevent the kriktikik from using Spin Web or Web Trap until the end of the next round. If the attack causes a Wound, the kriktikik cannot use Spin Web or Web Trap until the Wound is healed.

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