29 June 2021

Earthdawn 4E: Rules Variant 25 - Updates Part 7: Beastmaster

This is the twenty-fifth Rules Variant, part of an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

This is part of a significant update to better align things with lessons learned and best practices. The primary focus is updating various effects to static Difficulty Numbers, but this is not where it stops and it includes abilities outside that scope which require some attention.

The updates to Beastmaster are primarily to account for the change to Claw Frenzy. This still gives them a lot of attacks at their disposal, but no longer the extreme value from one Journeyman talent. Down Strike was also elminated and replaced by Surprise Strike, which is a better overall fit.

Refer to the previous update on Talents and Skills for changes to the following talents:
  • Blood Share
  • Claw Frenzy
  • Great Leap
  • Momentum Attack
  • Sprint



Novice Talent Options: Acrobatic Defense, Animal Bond, Animal Training, Climbing, Danger Sense, Enhance Animal Companion, Great Leap, Stealthy Stride, Surprise Strike, Tracking

First Circle

Discipline Talents: Avoid Blow, Body Control (Claws), Thread Weaving (Beast Weaving), Unarmed Combat, Wilderness Survival

Second Circle

Discipline Talent: Awareness

Third Circle

Discipline Talent: Creature Analysis

Fourth Circle

Discipline Talent: Tiger Spring


Journeyman Talent Options: Animal Companion Durability, Animal Possession, Blood Share, Borrow Sense, Call Animal Companion, Cobra Strike, Iron Constitution, Lion Heart, Sprint, Swift Kick

Fifth Circle

Discipline Talent: Second Weapon

Sixth Circle

Discipline Talent: Animal Talk

Seventh Circle

Discipline Talent: Dominate Beast

Eighth Circle

Discipline Talent: Second Attack


Warden Talent Options: Battle Bellow, Bloodhound Form, Burning Vigor, Chameleon, Defensive Posture, Eagle Eye, Goring Attack, Life Check, Momentum Attack, Resist Pain

Ninth Circle

Discipline Talent: Relentless Recovery

Tenth Circle

Discipline Talent: Critical Hit

Eleventh Circle

Discipline Talent: Unflinching Fortitude

Twelfth Circle

Discipline Talent: Claw Frenzy


Master Talent Options: Alley Cat Approach, Animal Leadership, Aura Armor, Echolocation, Lion Spirit, Second Chance, Vital Strike, Vital Ward

Thirteenth Circle

Discipline Talent: Howl

Fourteenth Circle

Discipline Talent: Vicious Wound

Fifteenth Circle

Discipline Talent: Venom

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