08 December 2021

Earthdawn 4E: Rogues' Gallery 56 — Insect Thrall (Mosquito)

 This is the fifty-sixth 4E Rogues' Gallery, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

Like other entries in the Rogues' Gallery [Alt] series, this presents NPCs in a different fashion easier to use in combat. Essentially, these are disposable opponents who don't need to have skills referenced. They are also written to be more appropriate as combat challenges for the given Circle. The exception here is this isn't technically an alternative presentation as this NPC doesn't exist as a player option. Nor will it ever. Including being presented in that fashion just to build NPCs.

This particular entry presents a Journeyman (Eighth Circle) insect thrall. This is a spellcaster who summoned and bargained with an invae and it went entirely predictably as they're now under the sway of a female. While they may fully believe they're acting freely, they aren't. Their contact with the invae hasn't just affected their mind, but also their body. Chitin is forming under their skin, along with their eyes splitting up to replicate compound eyes. These features can be concealed, but they're decidedly on the unsettling side of potential features.

They have a couple attack options, between their bite at close and Invoke Arterial Lance for short range. Bite has a nasty add-on effect, potentially allowing the insect thrall to use Blood Veins which not only heals them, but has a decent chance of inflicting a Wound. When Feast of Suffering comes into play. Invoke Arterial Lance also has a potential healing and draining effect, while Invoke Blood Swarm should be obnoxious. Also heals.

This is a decidedly different kind of opponent who needs to be swatted quickly, because they have the potential to stick around and harass the group for some time.

Insect Thrall (Mosquito)

Challenge: Journeyman (Eighth Circle)

DEX: 8 Initiative: 10 Unconsciousness: 64

STR: 4 Physical Defense: 19 Death Rating: 72

TOU: 8 Mystic Defense: 18 Wound Threshold: 12

PER: 8 Social Defense: 12 Knockdown: 8

WIL: 8 Physical Armor: 6 Recovery Tests: 3

CHA: 5 Mystic Armor: 6 Karma: 4 (8)

Movement: 6 (18 Flying)

Actions: 1; Bite: 24 (16), Invoke Arterial Lance (10 yards): 25 (15)


Astral Sight (18): As the talent, Player’s Guide, p. 129.
Awareness (18): As the talent, Player’s Guide, p. 129.
Blood Veins (10): Once latched onto a target, the victim suffers Step 10 damage each round; this is not reduced by armor. The insect thrall heals current damage equal to the damage inflicted. It may stop using this power at any time.
Feast of Suffering: The insect thrall gains +1 to Attack and Damage tests for each Wound the target has
Invoke Arterial Lance: Spell. The insect thrall summons a mosquito spirit, darting wildly, then striking the opponent. This attack is made against Mystic Defense.
Invoke Blood Swarm: Spell. The insect thrall summons a swarm of tiny mosquito spirits which fill a 6-yard radius within 10 yards. Every opponent in the area is Harried and their Movement Rate is halved. They suffer Step 2 damage each round they are in the area; armor doesn’t reduce this damage. The insect thrall heals current damage equal to the damage inflicted. The insect thrall can use this power once per encounter.
Omnivision: The insect thrall can effectively see in all directions and cannot be Blindsided due to positioning.
Resist Pain (2)
Stealthy Stride (18): As the talent, Player’s Guide, p. 170.

Swooping Attack: The insect thrall may split its movement (Player’s Guide, p. 386) and not suffer any penalty, and it doesn’t spend Strain.

Special Maneuvers:
Blood Sucker (Insect Thrall, Bite): The insect thrall may spend an additional success to latch onto the target and use Blood Veins.
Clip the Wing (Opponent)
Feast of Blood (Insect Thrall, Invoke Arterial Lance): The insect thrall may spend two additional successes to make a Step 8 Recovery test. Each additional success spent to increase damage adds +2 to the test. This costs a Recovery Test.
Get That Sucker! (Opponent, Close Combat): The attacker may spend two additional successes to remove the insect thrall using Blood Veins on a target.
Vital Drain (Insect Thrall, Invoke Arterial Lance): The insect thrall may spend three additional successes to drain one of the target’s Recovery Tests, which the insect thrall gains. The insect thrall cannot go over their listed Recovery Tests.


  1. looks like you might've missed the step for invoke blood swarm (though I'd be rather surprised if it wasn't the same as invoke arterial lance)?

    on a side note, the step on those attacks seems really high. is that mainly to compensate for this being a circle 8 opponent with only one action?

    1. Greetings,

      Invoke Blood Swarm is correct as written. There is no missing Step, just as there is no indication of a test. The Attack Steps are high because of only one attack, low damage, and low other characteristics.