12 February 2016

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 16 - Huge Crocodile

This is the sixteenth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

The huge crocodile is another example of a new creature generated through the use of a template. In this instance, it got a lot bigger. Because sometimes you just need a huge crocodile. Other days you may need a massive crocodile, but that is a different entry.

Huge Crocodile

Challenge: Novice (Fourth Circle)
DEX: 4        Initiative:                  4       Unconsciousness:      50
STR: 9         Physical Defense:  10      Death Rating:               60
TOU: 10      Mystic Defense:      8        Wound Threshold:    14
PER: 3         Social Defense:       8       Knockdown:                  13
WIL: 8        Physical Armor:      9       Recovery Tests:            3
CHA: 3        Mystic Armor:         3
Movement: 8 (Swim 8)
Actions: 1; Bite: 14 (21), Trample: 14 (19)
Ambush (5)
Awareness (7): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 129.
Resist Pain (2)
Semi-AquaticHuge crocodiles can hold their breath for 30 minutes before drowning
Stealthy Stride (12): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 170.
Willful (1)
Special Maneuvers:
Grab and Bite (Huge Crocodile)
Death Roll (Huge Crocodile): The huge crocodile may spend two additional successes from an Attack test to inflict Bite and Hold and force it and its opponent to make a Strength test. If the crocodile succeeds, it drags its prey below the water where it rolls the victim against the bottom, causing Step 7 Damage; no armor protects against this damage. This damage is in addition to continuing damage from the crocodile’s bite.
Overrun (Huge Crocodile, Trample)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)

05 February 2016

Earthdawn 4E: Anatomy of a Creature 15 - Badlands Antlion

This is the fifteenth 4E Anatomy of a Creature, an ongoing series about Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Introduction and Index.

Everything contained here is the work of a fan and not associated with FASA Games.

The badlands antlion is a truly grotesque abomination. Those adepts who have encountered it and survived swear it must be a Horror construct, though this is not true.

These creatures tend to range from five to eight yards in repulsive height, though much larger have been seen. Including an airship reportedly lost to an immense badlands antlion, though this seems far fetched and the tale of a crew trying to hide their negligence for insurance. Their form is vaguely cone-like, with a flexible appendage at the point and three massive maws at the base. Covered in a variety of "skins", including scales, bone, tough and scarred flesh, chitin, and more, and possessing a vast array of surprisingly lengthy tentacles, those lucky enough to survive may not ever forget their encounter.

The flexible appendage at the top is the only portion of the badlands antlion above the surface as they wait for prey. It is remarkably malleable and can change to a variety of colors, allowing it to lure anything curious in the area. Some adepts have even indicated they can make noise, accurately replicating cries of distress. When suitable prey arrives, they emerge, creating a steep slope pointing to it's open mouths. Its powerful tentacles capture any prey which attempts to escape.

There is some conjecture they may not be as rare as common wisdom holds, but there simply are not many survivors to speak of them. Despite being heavily associated with the Badlands, these have been seen outside of the desolate region.

Badlands Antlion

Challenge: Warden (Tenth Circle)
DEX: 8       Initiative:                 10       Unconsciousness:      110
STR: 18      Physical Defense:  14       Death Rating:               130
TOU: 20     Mystic Defense:     20       Wound Threshold:    30
PER: 8        Social Defense:      19        Knockdown:                 NA
WIL: 9       Physical Armor:    14         Recovery Tests:           7
CHA: 4       Mystic Armor:        14
Movement: 2 (Burrow 6)
Actions: 4; Bite x3: 23 (27), Tentacles: 28 (22)
Ambush (10)
Awareness (14): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 129
Disturbing Number of Eyes and Tentacles: The Badlands antlion cannot be Blindsided or Harried through mundane means, such as surrounding it. Magical effects, including the Distract talent and spells, function normally.Enhanced Sense [Touch] (4): The badlands antlion may make Awareness tests against anything touching the ground within 100 yards.
Grasping Tentacles: The Badlands antlion’s tentacles have a range of 20 yards and are entangling weapons. Any target successful attacked by a tentacle is dragged two yards towards the Badlands antlion, six yards if they are knocked down. Instead of causing damage with the Damage test from a tentacle, the Badlands antlion can cause the target to make a Knockdown test with a Difficulty equal to the Damage test result.Resist Pain (2)
Sinkhole (Free): The Badlands antlion uses this as a Free action when it uses its Ambush power. This creates a steeply sloped area around the Badlands antlion in a six yard radius. At the beginning of each round, any target within this area must make a Knockdown (8) test or be knocked down.Stealthy Stride (20): As the skill, Player's Guide, p. 170
Special Maneuvers:
Grab and Bite (Badlands Antlion, Tentacles): The target must be adjacent to the badlands antlion at any point during its turn.
Provoke (Opponent, Close Combat)
Pry Loose (Opponent, Close Combat)
Sever Tentacle (Opponent): The attacker may spend two additional successes on an attack test to destroy one of the badlands antlion's tentacles, freeing a grappled victim.
Squeeze the Life (Badlands Antlion, Tentacle)

02 February 2016

Earthdawn: Adventure Log 36 - Message in a Bottle

This is the thirty-sixth Adventure Log in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

Adventure Log – 036 Message in a Bottle

Written By: Elmod from the Other Side of the Well of Glenwood Deep

Date:  21 Sollus - 10 Riag, 1508 TH
Group Name: Mismatched Steel

Group Members
Bongani the Scout
Coriolis the Swordmaster
Elmod the Nethermancer

Honeysuckle Sunspray the Warrior
Ting the Swordmaster

What a lovely, horrid place we have wandered into. The strange Horror construct defeated; the gestalt Horror construct body made of obsidiman parts defeated. We don't feel rested when trying to inside the labyrinthine Horror obelisk(1).

We find a path outside and rest. Bongani makes a perimeter of the obelisk and brings back Wendel. We rest, heat food, and sleep.

Entering the obelisk again, we look for the useful things and I befriend the crystal orbs that sprout spindly legs(2). they collect sacks of alchemical materials and lovely things in the labs. We also find 10 sarcophagi made out of living crystal(3). I convince the crystal orbs to reassemble a few and we lug them outside. Spoils of war.

Then suddenly the whole place starts having gravity issues and we decide to leave immediately(4). I fall horribly and the orbs I had collected help me to get out on a spidery throne of living crystal(5).

Then the obelisk disappears completely. Wonder what happened to make it collapse?

Looks like enough living crystal to make a set of full plate.

We travel through the Badlands.

We were surprised by the sudden attack of a spider-tentacled beast hiding below the surface. I am summarily crushed by a tentacle, Honeysuckle nearly too. Bongani takes out several tentacles and Ting finally deals the fatal blow, eviscerating it, exposing many partially digested beings.

Ting and Bongani have a bonding moment over looking through the debris. They find some silvers and pocket change. I made a little camp and slumber party it up with Air Mattress and warm food. We feed the mules well too. Bongani decides it is a rare badlands antlion(6). I nurse my wounds.

We take another three weeks to return to Travar with limited incident(7).

In Travar, we spend time storing and increasing our talents. I research a few of Ting's items and find little. Honeysuckle gets up in the Haggle and looks for living crystal buyers.

We find a wealthy politician of Travar who buys it from us(8).

We train up and stay in Travar, spending lots of money to do so.(9)

*     *     *
(1) My internal research shows this place was not constructed by Horrors. This log is getting buried.
(2) I have heard of these things, but never actually seen one. They seem to be assistants for some of the dwarfs over in R&D.
(3) The statement is rather nonchalant. Am I the only one who feels like this is incredibly ominous? Just me?
(4) Internal research shows this is only going to happen if someone destroys part of the "crystal warding matrix" which maintains the "illusion of an extra-dimensional space". Look, I'm pretty damn smart and this quickly got beyond my ability to even write it down in a way that had all the right parts of speech. The gist: one of these yahoos was probably screwing around, looking for "spoils of war" and broke something important. It was probably pretty, and shining, and glowing, and looked expensive. This is why we can't have nice things!
(5) I'm more worried about the little crystal guys at this point. I hope they all made it out okay.
(6) These things are no joke bad news. They don't generally have anything of interest because they can digest nearly anything, including metal. Just glass will collect in there over time.
(7) With this crew, this could actually mean nothing happens, or they burned something large and important to the ground. I'm half serious. I wish I was less serious.
(8) Names! There are only a few merchants likely to have the resources and interest to make this purchase. Unless they let it go for a song. Which could happen. Unfortunately, all of the council members make this list. Which complicates things.
(9) Received and edited by Ela Pono

This was the denouement of this particular adventure, though also a significant setup for the next leg in their larger goal. Despite being comparatively quiet, there was still some action and a lot of questions. I was fully prepared for them to come back to this place, but they managed to break it.

There were some significant details which were omitted in this log. They were regarding the nature of the obelisk and what was inside of it, some items found (the session title gives a big clue here), and people and events back in Travar. These will all likely be showing back up very soon.