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There isn't any truly new content in this post, simply a list of all Paths in Earthdawn 4E. I'm including Paths from official English releases and this blog. The tier (cost) and additional additional requirements are listed for each Path. The standard requirements/restrictions (Thread Weaving rank 5, must complete an ordeal, and any Discipline Circle 5) are not listed unless there is a chage (e.g., Outcasts don't require a typical ordeal).
  • Avowed (Journeyman) {Barrite} [Vas., p. XX]
  • Brother of Stone (Master) {Speak, Read and Write Obsidiman, Obsidiman Lore skill 5} [TAJ:MP, p. 10/17]
  • Child of the Phoenix (Journeyman) [PGG]
  • Fire Eater (Journeyman) {Ork} [TAJ:MP, p. 22/31]
  • Horror Stalker (Master) [TAJ:MP, p. 34/41]
  • Journeyman (Journeyman) {Versatility 5, Human} [TAJ:MP, p. 46/54]
  • Liberator (Master) [TAJ:MP, p. 58/67]
  • Lightbearer (Master) [PGG]
  • Messenger (Master) [TAJ:MP, p. 72/81]
  • Outcast (Journeyman) {Rtiual of Severance} [TAJ:MP, p. 86/92]
  • Purifier (Journeyman) [TAJ:MP, p. 96/104]
  • Scholar (Journeyman) {Knowledge skill 5} [TAJ:MP, p. 108/116]
  • Sun Herald (Master) {Leadership 5} [PGG]
  • Tail Dancer (Master) {Dancing skill 5, Melee Weapons 5, T'skrang} [TAJ:MP, p. 120/127]
  • Windmaster (Master) {Melee Weapons 5, Windling} [TAJ:MP, p. 132/139]
  • Woodsman (Master) {Speak, Read and Write Elf, Elf Lore skill 5} [TAJ:MP, p. 144/152]

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