Discipline List

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There isn't any truly new content in this post, simply a list of all Disciplines in Earthdawn 4E. I'm including Disciplines from official English releases and this blog. The original version of Disciplines later officially published aren't included, nor are Disciplines superseded by Paths. Most of the Disciplines from my blog are incomplete in part because they're thought experiments, but also because I don't know the real interest in them and higher Circles take significantly more work than lower Circles to figure out.
  • Air Sailor [ED4 PG, p. 88]
    • Boatman (Variant) [TAJ:MP, p. 156/164]
    • Sailor (Variant) [TAJ:MP, p. 165]
    • Venturer (Variant) [PGG]
  • Archer [ED4 PG, p. 90]
  • Beastmaster [ED4 PG, p. 92]
  • Blade Dancer (Incomplete)
  • Bladeweaver
    • Talents (Part 1) [PGG]
    • Spells (Part 2) [PGG]
  • Bodyguard (Incomplete) [PGG]
  • Cavalryman [ED4 PG, p. 94]
    • Cavalier (Cavalryman Rebuild) [PGG]
  • Elementalist [ED4 PG, p. 96]
  • Field Engineer (Incomplete) [PGG]
  • Gauntlet [TAJ:MP, p. 166/174]
  • Illusionist [ED4 PG, p. 98]
  • Lancer [PGG]
  • Nethermancer [ED4 PG, p. 100]
  • Scout [ED4 PG, p. 102]
  • Seeker [PGG(Formerly Monk)
  • Sentinel [PGG]
  • Shadow [PGG]
  • Shaman [TAJ:MP, p. 178/185]
  • Sky Raider [ED4 PG, p. 104]
    • Marauder (Variant) [Vas., p. XX]
    • Raider (Variant) [PGG]
    • River Raider (Variant) [PGG]
    • Sea Raider (Variant) [PGG]
  • Spirit Rider [PGG]
    • (Cavalier Rebuild) [PGG]
  • Sword Savant [PGG]
  • Swordmaster [ED4 PG, p. 106]
  • Thief [ED4 PG, p. 108]
  • Troubadour [ED4 PG, p. 110]
  • War Rider (Incomplete) [PGG]
  • Warrior [ED4 PG, p. 112]
  • Weaponsmith [ED4 PG, p. 114]
  • Wizard [ED4 PG, p. 116]

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