07 June 2016

Earthdawn: Adventure Log 42 - The Key to Happiness

This is the forty-second Adventure Log in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

Adventure Log – 042 The Key to Happiness

Written By: Elmod from the Other Side of the Well of Glenwood Deep

Date:  03 Borrum - 02 Doddul, 1508 TH
Group Name: Mismatched Steel

Group Members
Bongani the Scout
Elmod the Nethermancer
Honeysuckle Sunspray the Warrior
Ting the Swordmaster

I revived Ting at the last moment of opportunity, saving her from certain death.

We on to a glowing room of three white stone depictions of a Passion: arms extended, crossed, and offering(1). This is also the home of the spiders, a small bounty within their bolus of spider stash. A few fine gems, oddly minted coinage(2), and a fine gem that is a pattern item for a Named spell(3). Also, a fair bit of fernweave and thorny weapons(4). And a wand. We leave for Sanctuary after establishing the rest of the kaer is vacant.

We return to Sanctuary and revive ourselves and meditate on our talents. Also spending some time with many of the items in our previous stash. I wandered outside of town to find materials for blood charms. I found a fine vein one day and promptly got to work on an absorb blow charm, but on the fourth day, the makeshift cauldron I had made collapsed and the charm was lost(5). We dare not stay any longer(6).

We follow the river downstream until it goes off the map we have, Bongani reckoning the river continues and completes and connects to other rivers south on our current map(7).

Desiring to be on the other side of the river, I decided to summon a water elemental to aid in spreading the water of the river for us. We selected a narrow section of river, though the task of summoning such a powerful enough elemental seemed quite difficult(8).

As such, first I summoned an ally spirit to aid my elemental summoning(9).

The muse spirit I summoned was quite beautiful, prismatic and scintillating. I bought its services with, after deft negotiation, only a small portion of blood(10) and a song and dance routine done with a wooden carving I lavishly costumed. The spirit liked our Badlands theater - it was quaint and lovely(11).

With the spirit's help, I summoned a delightful and belligerent(12) water elemental that did as we requested for the negotiated price of a kernel of true water from our party treasury.

The Badlands continue to stretch before us as we make our way to the moated pyramid(13) and the symbol of the Polaris beyond(14). I am trepidatious about the latter(15).(16)

*     *     *
(1) This sounds like it is probably Garlen portraying helper and protector. I wish there was more detail to determine some ideas of this kaer's customs. Any details beyond white, female, has arms and knows how to use them.
(2) How is it odd? There is so much you can tell from a minting, it's almost never "odd". Clueless or deliberately obtuse?
(3) Very interesting. Also: MORE DETAILS. 
(4) This just sounds like blood elves with their own coinage who got messed up with a Horror. Which means there is a Horror around. Is there something along these lines that isn't being shared in these logs?
(5) Make. Shift. Cauldron? Is there anyway this could have gone right?
(6) Did something happen? Is this a scenario that ends with them leaving or someone getting married? Was it because of the makeshift cauldron's predictable end? Details!
(7) How many maps are we talking about in this scenario and how many rivers? It sounds like there is some kind of river valley hiding in the Badlands we have never heard about. This is entirely possible, given we haven't heard of this Sanctuary before either.
(8) This is so boring. And I listened to Zamrica tell a story today.
(9) And here we have all the unwanted details about something about which no one cares.
(10) Yeah, real deft. It only took your blood.
(11) I feel like half of this log is about crossing a river. Incredible details on how a river was crossed. The only logical conclusion is they are screwing with me. Me personally. No one can be this blindly self-involved.
(12) This may be the first time I have ever seen those two adjectives together without a trace of irony. Delightful and belligerent.
(13) WHAT IS THIS!?! This is the first anything of this kind has ever been mentioned? Is this the thrice-damned city for which they are searching?
(14) AND AGAIN! What is this? What is he talking about?
(15) WHY? Explain yourself, Nethermancer!
(16) Received and reluctantly edited by Ela Pono

After big sessions, such as the previous one, I generally like to dial things back and have something a bit more low key. Normally there would be lots of social interactions, but Uriel's player was absent. Things were starting to go sideways and were aborted before they actually started going completely out of control and the only answer was to burn everything to the ground. Which has happened before.

The major pieces going on in the background of this session continue to move various plot elements forward. Some have been going for a very long time, others introduced more recently to begin connecting them together. In all: everything is falling into place.

As an editorial aside: there is a lot missing from the log. At times I feel like I should write a companion log to go with the in-character log, but that would ruin a lot of the fun. In part, it would almost certainly give away some details and connections given the perspective. I know some omissions are deliberate, while others are highly dependent on who is writing the log. Each player and character takes different notes based on what they feel is most important.

In all, it was a good session to have when down one player and started to provide a greater context for some disparate pieces. Others are still building.