18 June 2013

Kickstarter: Part 13 - New Projects!

This is the thirteenth part in an ongoing series about crowdfunding. Overview and Index.

After the Kobe Red scam, there is likely to be more scrutiny involved in Kickstarter projects in general. Most gamers are probably familiar with the story of Tropes vs. Men in Videogames, so are already at least somewhat wary. It was inevitable, but still sad to see more instances of fraud. I know of other projects that have been poorly mismanaged and may never deliver, but there is still hope and many of them do find their way into the hands of someone that actually cares.

New Projects

Mekton Zero

Closes: 22Jun2013
Funded: Yes!

While not the first mecha game I encountered in my youth (Robotech, Rifts, Battletech, Macross II), Mekton II was the first that I adored. It did everything that I actually wanted a mecha game to do. The system was relatively simple, but had some depth. Most notably, the mecha creation system was amazing. Mekton Zeta and Zeta Plus upped the ante considerably, but also the complexity.

Mekton Zero promises to return to the roots of the system and create something easier to approach. Since I will always have Zeta for all the depth I could ever want, this is intriguing. Anything that has katas for mecha already has my attention. This project is nearing a full color book in the next stretch goal, and hardcover after that. At $50 for a softcover (along with some other minor swag), it is steep. For Mekton, it's worth it. Higher rewards include minis, a map and a GM screen.


Closes: 24Jun2013
Funded: Yes!

By the author of Microscope, this is a cooperative storytelling game about exploring a particular group (from a colony ship, to the faculty at a private liberal arts college) over a period of time. The emphasis is on Crossroads, events that change the course for your collective entity depending on what choices are made. What is particularly notable about this game is the somewhat asymmetrical nature, which seems to be a largely unexplored design space in cooperative storytelling games. The players each have different roles, which give them unique ways that they can influence the story. It is really that element that intrigues me the most and that I would like to see explored more in future GMless games.

Closes: 28Jun2013
Funded: No

This is a directed and structured game around assassinating marks. Each scene is centered around that purpose, gaining an advantage over the mark until you can do the deed and get out. Towards that end, it has mechanics specifically for that premise that encourage high action, as well as keeping the violence contained to the mark - you're a professional, so act like it. There is a free preview of the mechanics, which is always nice. The downside is that the printed version is expensive at $50, though the pdf is completely reasonable at $10.


Closes: 01Jul2013
Funded: No

Normally I only do RPGs here, no matter how related to RPGs the project may be. For Greg Stolze, I make an exception. A completed novel about a awesome and snarky villain that calls it quits despite what seems like no reason to. I know that I want to know more.

Inscrutable Puzzlements

Closes: 12Jul2013
Funded: No

First off, this game doesn't describe itself as being steampunk, but as an alternate history Victorian era RPG. As a pendant for such things, that absolutely tickles me. It does say that it has Gothic horror, steampunk, mystery and fantasy elements, which is just icing on the cake. The system itself seems interesting, but not revolutionary from the previews available. I will admit a weakness for this genre and while there are many entries, none of them are quite right for me. Each does bring something new to the table, which is always appreciated. Such as equipment customization. I am such a sucker for that.

The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

Closes: 14Jul2013
Funded: Yes!

Okay, this game is by Jenna Moran. So it's weird. In a good way. This is a game about playing innocent characters in a very strange, perhaps even incomprehensible, world. The mechanics are designed to pose questions (and reward answering them) along with escalating events and providing a structure to the goals. If this sounds vague, it's because it is hard to put to words. Do yourself a favor and look into this game - it may not be for you, or it may be that thing you have always been looking for. It will almost certainly not be what you were expecting.

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