17 December 2013

Earthdawn: Part 29 - Comparison of 1E and 3E Part 3: Elementalist Spells

This is the twenty-ninth part in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

Below is a list of all the Elementalist Spells found in 1E (Core book, Arcane Mysteries of Barsaive and Magic: A Manual of Mystic Secrets) and the 3E Player's Guide.

Right now it is just a list, though if there is a desire for it (which means leave a comment to that effect) I can add some commentary and thoughts on the changes between editions.

Some of the changes were almost certainly made to accommodate the move to a battle map and hexes with a 2-yard standard size. Which means that, depending on how you count spaces, some of the areas of effect may not have changed. Regardless, the most significant changes are that the minimum casting difficulty is now a 6 instead of 2 and ranges have been drastically reduced across the board.

First Circle

Air Armor: No changes

Crunch Climb: Weaving Difficulty: +2.

Earth Blend: No changes.

Earth Darts: Range: -18 yards.

Flameweapon: Range: -6 yards; +1 Damage Step, difficulty is now the higher of the wielder or the weapon's Spell Defense (was just the weapon's Spell Defense).

Heat Food: Casting Difficulty: +4.

Moonglow: Casting Difficulty: +2.

Plant Talk: Casting Difficulty: +4.

Purify Earth: Casting Difficulty: +1; now a 2-yard radius (was 100 ft^2).

Purify Water: Casting Difficulty: +4.

Resist Cold: No changes.

Resist Fire: No changes.

Second Circle

Air Mattress: Casting Difficulty: +1.

Billowing Cloak: Duration is now in minutes (was rounds).

Boil Water: Casting Difficulty: +4; now has a maximum volume of Spellcasting Rank quarts, -1 Damage Step per quart.

Detect Elementalism Magic: Range: -30 yards..

Flame Strike: Range: -18 yards.

Gills: No changes.

Hunter's Sense: Range: +5 yards.

Ice Spear: Range: -72 yards.

Icy Surface: Casting Difficulty: +4.

Path Home: Casting Difficulty: +5.

Shield Willow: Threads: +1; Casting Difficulty: 6 (was TSD).

Slow Metal Weapon: Range: -34 yards.

Small Slayer: Casting Difficulty: +2; duration in minutes (was rounds); Damage Step is now 1.

Sterilize Object: Casting Difficulty: +4.

Stick Together: Range: -15 yards.

Third Circle

Behind Eye: No changes.

Dispel Elementalism Magic: Casting Difficulty: +4; Range: -30 yards.

Fingers of Wind: No changes.

Fuel Flame: Casting Difficulty: +2; Range: -6 yards.

Grounding: Physical armor is -6, but now grants an equal amount of mystic armor.

Ice Mace and Chain: Range: -24 yards.

Lightning Bolt: Range: 15 yards.

Plant Feast: Casting Difficulty: +4; Range: -1 yard.

Porter: Casting Difficulty: +5.

Puddle Deep: Casting Difficulty: +4; Range: -9 yards; the general effects are different.

Repair: Casting Difficulty: +4.

Rust: Threads: +1; Range: -15 yards; penalty is -1 per Result Level (was flat -5).

Sky Lattice: Casting Difficulty: +4; +1 yard wide; can hold 2500 lbs less.

Smoke Cloud: Radius: -6 yards.

Snuff: Radius: +2 yards.

Sunlight: Radius +20 ft.

Thrive: Radius: +2 ft; 3 days less growth.

Throne of Air: Max vertical distance now 4 yards, not Rank yards.

Winds of Deflection: No changes.

Fourth Circle

Air Blast: Range: -36 yards.

Blizzard Sphere: Range: -60 yards; Area: -2 yards; now physical damage.

[Element] Spear: Range: -16 yards; Effect: +1.

Falcon's Cloak: No changes.

Fire Whip: Casting Difficulty: +2.

Great Sticky Vines: Casting Difficulty: +4; Range: -15 yards.

Lighten Load: No changes.

Lightning Shield: No changes.

Lightning Step: Physical Defense and Movement increase by +2 instead of being replaced.

Liquid Arrow: Range: -48 yards.

Lodestone's Touch: Range: -4 yards; Area: -8 yards.

Root Trap: Casting Difficulty: -2; Range: -6 yards.

Shield of Warping: Effect Test is now against the Damage Step (was Spell Defense), an effect is now given for Extraordinary Success.

Spirits of Death's Sea: Difficulty is now TSD (was 10), it can only affect one person per casting, and the Damage Step is +1.

Suffocating Paste: Range: -15 yards; duration is now Rank + 6 Rounds, not Willforce Rounds.

Uneven Ground: Radius: -15 yards; removed the ability to shield others, the penalties were reduced, movement rate is now reduced.

Weapon Back: No changes.

Fifth Circle

Balloons of Mist: Casting Difficulty: +4; Range: -1 yard; movement rate is x6.

Earth Staff: Casting Difficulty: +4.

Fireball: Area: -6 yards.

Inflame Self: Willpower Test to resist (was Willforce - depending on 3E reading of Willforce, this may not be a change).

Ironwood: Area is x3.

Metal Scream: Range: -60 yards; Difficulty is now +1 per additional person, there are no limits on the number of targets, targets must now flee on a failure, on a success they take the penalties.

Metal Wings: No changes.

Nutritious Earth: Casting Difficulty: +4; radius, not a square, Blood Magic Damage instead of Permanent Damage.

Resist Poison: No changes.

Shattering Stone: Range: -15 yards; Area: +2 yards.

Stone Cage: Range: -36 yards

Sixth Circle

Drastic Temperature: Casting Difficulty: +4; Range: -60 yards; Area: -4 ft radius.

Ease Passage: No changes.

Fireweave: Area: +1 yard; no longer affects Physical Defense, Effect damage instead of Step 8.

Flameshaw: Range: -60 yards; altitude limited to 100 yards (was 1000 ft).

Living Wall: Range: -15 yards; Height: -1 yard.

Ricochet Attack: Range: -45 yards.

Stone Rain: Range: -18 yards; Radius: -4 ft.

Tossing Earth: Casting Difficulty: +4; mechanics are different.

Tree Merge: No changes.

Seventh Circle

Beastform: No changes.

Calm Water: Reduces waves by inches (was feet).

Cloud Summon: No changes.

Death Rain: Area: -45 yards.

Earth Q’wril: No changes.

Earth Surfing: Range: +1 yard; Area: +2 yards.

Engulf [Element]: Range: -6 yards; now has casting requirements, now requires concentration, now causes Harried.

Fire Hounds: Range: -6 yards; Minimum Threads is now 1, chance to get one more hound, now a maximum distance for hounds, hound stats are different.

Flame Darts: Range: -14 yards; Area: -4 ft.

Grasping Hand of Earth: Range: -36 yards; Threads: -2; now causes Harried.

Storm Manacles: Range: -36 yards.

Thunderclap: Area: -1 yard radius.

Whirlwind: Casting Difficulty: +4; Range: -36 yards; Area: +2 ft radius; now tests against the highest Spell Defense (was against each Spell Defense).

Eighth Circle

Blade Fury: No changes.

Crushing Hand of Earth: Range: -36 yards; Threads: -2; now requires concentration, shields now protect against the damage, now prevents actions.

Earth Wall: Casting Difficulty: +8; Range: -30 yards; dimensions have changed.

Perimeter Alarm: Casting Difficulty: +4; may now set a maximum size of creature that will trip the alarm.

Silence Metal: No changes.

Silver Shadow: Range: -60 yards.

Waterspout: Distance required from water reduced by -10 yards; Success Level required for smaller targets has been reduced to Good (was Excellent).

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