03 July 2014

Earthdawn 4E: Example Character 23 - Windling Thief

This is the twenty-third Example Character in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

Considerably better than a kender, but still in a similar vein; a windling is the quintessential Earthdawn Thief. This is with good reason: mechanically and thematically it is a good fit. All of the natural abilities and benefits of being a windling work well with being a Thief - improved Dexterity, Perception, Charisma, and Physical Defense, along with flight (for those hard to reach places) and astral sight. The downsides, Strength, Toughness, and weapon size, are not a significant problem for what will not end up being much of a combat character.

Each Circle saw this character improve one attribute (as noted after each Attribute Step) and take a new Talent Option. There are no Thread Items on this character, however unlikely it may be. 

Note: The entries in this series may be updated periodically as I master the coding to fit all eight of the Circles in a fashion which doesn't result in eye melting. Consider these living entries. Please leave comments if there is anyway this could be made more useful.

Discipline: Thief
Race: Windling

DEX: 19 (8) [+2]   STR: 7 (4) [+0]   TOU: 12 (5) [+1]
PER: 16 (7) [+2]   WIL: 10 (5) [+0]   CHA: 19 (8) [+2]

Initiative: 7 (Recommended: Crystal Ringlet [-2])
Physical Defense: 16
Mystic Defense: 9
Social Defense: 12

Physical Armor: 10 (Recommended: Crystal Ringlet, Forged +6 [10])
Mystic Armor: 8 (Recommended: Crystal Ringlet, Forged +2 [6])

Damage: 15 (Recommended: Windling Bow, Forged +8 [11]); 23 (with Surprise Strike)

Unconsciousness: 64
Death: 77
Wound Threshold: 8

Recovery Tests: 3
Knockdown: 4
Karma: 48
Karma: Charisma-based deception tests, Initiative, Attack against a Surprised or Blindsided opponent.

Awareness: 9 (15)
Lock Picking: 8 (16)
Picking Pockets: 8 (16)
Stealthy Stride: 9 (17)
Thief Weaving: 8 (15)
Danger Sense: 8 (15)
Missile Weapons: 8 (16)
Astral Sight: 6 (13)
Disarm Trap: 8 (16)
Surprise Strike: 8 (12)
Haggle: 8 (16)
First Impression: 8 (16)
Conceal Object: 8 (16)
Taunt: 8 (16)
Engaging Banter: 8 (16)
Spot Armor Flaw: 8 (15)
Slough Blame: 9 (17)
Avoid Blow: 8 (16)
Fast Hand: 8 (16)
Graceful Exit: 8 (16)
False Sight: 9 (14)
Direction Arrow: 8 (15)

This is what I would consider to be a well-rounded Thief. They should be able to contribute in nearly any aspect of the game, from social situations, to investigation, purchasing equipment, infiltration and scouting, and combat. While they may rarely be the star of the show, they should always be in the supporting cast.

Despite the number of talents to support their combat capabilities, it is a weakness. To mitigate their problems, distance is going to be greatest asset. While a missile weapon makes it more difficult in some ways to capitalize on Surprise Strike in conjunction with Conceal Object, it will maximize the inherent benefits of being able to fly. Spot Armor Flaw will also help with damage, but it may always be something of an uphill battle. Taunt will help in general and Graceful Exit will allow them to withdraw from those encounters which are a little too up close and personal.

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