04 July 2014

Earthdawn 4E: Example Character 24 - Dwarf Elementalist

This is the twenty-fourth Example Character in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

There isn't particularly an iconic race for the Elementalist discipline. However, dwarfs have a natural aptitude for spellcasting and their high Toughness tends to give more Recovery Tests, which can help being a combat healer. This particular Elementalist is designed most as a combat spellcaster, focused around dealing damage and taking a hit as well.

Each Circle saw this character improve one attribute (as noted after each Attribute Step) and take a new Talent Option. There are no Thread Items on this character, however unlikely it may be. 

Note: The entries in this series may be updated periodically as I master the coding to fit all eight of the Circles in a fashion which doesn't result in eye melting. Consider these living entries. Please leave comments if there is anyway this could be made more useful.

Discipline: Elementalist
Race: Dwarf

DEX: 12 (5) [+1]   STR: 8 (4) [+0]   TOU: 19 (8) [+2]
PER: 19 (8) [+2]   WIL: 19 (8) [+2]   CHA: 10 (5) [+0]

Initiative: 5
Physical Defense: 8
Mystic Defense: 14
Social Defense: 6

Physical Armor: 14 (Recommended: Fernweave, Forged +8 [10], Air Armor [4])
Mystic Armor: 6 (Recommended: Fernweave, Forged +0 [3])

Damage: 14 (Recommended: Lightning Bolt); 23 (with Willforce)

Unconsciousness: 62
Death: 78
Wound Threshold: 11

Recovery Tests: 5
Knockdown: 4
Karma: 32
Karma: Recovery Test, target an additional ally with a spell.

Awareness: 8 (16)
Elementalism: 9 (17)
Patterncraft: 8 (16)
Spellcasting: 9 (17)
Wood Skin: 9 (17)
Standard Matrix: 5
Fire Heal: 8 (16)
Astral Sight: 8 (16)
Elemental Tongues: 8 (16)
Avoid Blow: 8 (13)
Elemental Hold: 8 (16)
Item History: 8 (16)
Summon (Elementals): 8 (16)
Enhanced Matrix: 5
Willforce: 9 (17)
Steel Thought: 8 (16)
Earth Skin: 9 (17)
Cold Purify: 8 (16)
Hold Thread: 8 (16)
Fireblood: 8 (16)

Spell Matrices: 
Standard Matrix: Earth Staff [Constant]
Standard Matrix: Air Armor [Constant; Extra Thread: Duration; Extra Thread: Effect]
Enhanced Matrix: Lightning Bolt
Enhanced Matrix: Winds of Deflection [Extra Thread: Effect]

To start with, almost every spellcaster is going to find a way to get more spell matrices long before this point. The spells listed make up the core competency of what this example character is about: doing damage.

Like all spellcasters, this adept is extremely versatile. Outside of a situation where the are limited to only their spell matrices, they have a variety of spells at their disposal. In the interest of expediency, all of those options will not be discussed. Additionally, the ability to summon elementals opens up even more avenues, as long as they can pay the terms.

For talents, this is a very defensive character. Wood Skin, Fire Heal, Avoid Blow, Earth Skin, and Fireblood all make this character very difficult to put down. Winds of Deflection and Air Armor only improve on the situation for the adept. Beyond this, Cold Purify and their spells put them solidly in the role of group healer.

In combat, Lightning Bolt is this character's core spell. With Earth Staff, they will be able to easily handle crowd control. Air Armor should be maintained on their entire group and Winds of Deflection the first spell cast. Otherwise, this adept may lean too heavily on their health to stay alive. While they have quite a bit, they will also have a big target with the attacks they are putting out.

Highly accurate opponents, such as Swordmasters and especially Archers, can be problematic to deal with. As well, this spell selection is optimized for a large number of weaker opponents, and may struggle against fewer, but more powerful opponents. In such situations, switching out for Earth Darts [Extra Thread: Effect, -2] would benefit the rest of their group and keep the pressure on the target. With Earth Staff, even a round where they do not connect would still mean the penalty is maintained.

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