09 September 2014

Earthdawn: Part 33 - Comparison of 1E and 3E Part 7: Companion Talents

This is the thirty-third part in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

Below is a list of all the Talents found in the 1E core book and the 3E Player's Guide. The list was compiled from both sources to note new Talents, not just missing ones, that may have been pulled from another source (1E Earthdawn Companion, or Denizens of Earthdawn), or never appeared in 1E at all.

Right now it is just a list, though if there is a desire for it (which means leave a comment to that effect) I can add some commentary and thoughts on the changes between editions. 

Animal Leadership - Now provides effects on a Pathetic result and no longer provides increased duration on an Excellent result.

Animate Object - Perception, Willpower, and Charisma of the object is no longer fixed. Dexterity, Strength, and Toughness are figured differently, but yield the same results. Animating an object considered weaving a thread for limits. Death Rating is no longer based on the material, but now provides Physical Armor based on the material. If a thread item, now gains benefits from attached threads.

Armor Mount - Now in Player's Guide.

Astral Pocket -  Now holds considerable less weight. No longer requires a test to place objects in or remove them from the pocket. Now has a duration.

Aura Armor -  Now based on Willpower, not Strength. Improves both Mystic and Physical Armor at the same time. No longer a test against current Armor. Duration is now based on Rank.

Bardic Voice - No changes.

Bargain with Summoned Creature - Now allows for Blood Magic to bypass the duration.

Bestial Resilience -  No longer requires an action.

Bestial Toughness - No changes.

Blade Juggle - Now in Player's Guide.

Blind Fire - Now based on Perception. Now a Simple action. No longer replaces an Attack test, instead supplements with a test against target's Mystic Defense to work.

Blood Guilt Weapon - No longer costs Strain. Now costs Karma.

Body Blade - No longer costs Strain.

Bone Compass - New talent.

Call Mount - Range multiplier has changed and is based on Rank instead of result. Now tests against mount's Spell Defense.

Casting Pattern - Difficulty for spells with no threads is now Reattuning Difficulty, not Weaving Difficulty +5.

Chameleon - Duration is now in minutes. Proscribed activities now temporarily disrupt the talent rather than end it. Spellcasting and weaving threads are now allowed.

Champion Challenge - Penalty duration is now in hours. Effects on loss are different.

Confront Horror - No longer +10 to Step by default. No longer costs Strain. Final test is now Confront Horror. No longer penalties for interference.

Create Arrow - No longer a talent.

Critical Hit - Now costs Karma.

Defense -  Now costs Karma. Now costs 1 Strain. Duration is now result rounds, not Rank hours

Detect Falsehood - Require result levels reduced by one. Additional Excellent result added.

Detect Influence - Excellent result now includes information if target is Horror marked.

Develop Animal Sense - Completely changed mechanics.

Disarm Magical Trap -  Now covered as part of Disarm Trap.

Dominate Arrow - Now result level for an Armor-Defeating Hit is increased by one.

Eagle Eye - New(ish) talent.

Earth Armor - No longer +10 to Step. Now has a Physical Armor rating. No longer increases result level for Armor-Defeating Hit. Not explicit if repairing armor costs Karma.

Echo Location - Now has a range.

Effect Pattern - Difficulty for spells with no threads is now Reattuning Difficulty, not Weaving Difficulty +5.

Elemental Walk - New talent.

Enduring Art - New talent.

Escape Divination - New talent.

Ethereal Weapon - Mystic Armor now provides protection.

First Ring of Perfection - No longer specifically affects bonus dice.

Forge Armor - Moved to Player's Guide.

Gain Surprise - Now costs Strain.

Gold Sense - Now a fixed difficulty. No longer a minimum quantity. Can no exclude materials from sense.

Howl - Paralysis now lasts Rank rounds and may be overcome like the fleeing condition.

Impossible Hide - New talent.

Impressive Shot - Moved to Player's Guide/now also Impressive Strike. Now Dexterity instead of Charisma. Action test is now the Attack test, no "Damage test" is made. Now improves Interaction tests, not causes opponents penalties.

Improve Armor - Now "Infuse Armor". Now costs Karma and 2 Strain. Description altered, now a Standard action. Effect is now result level to Physical and Mystic Armor, instead of +1 per application, up to talent rank. Duration now rank hours, instead of 24 hours. Now has an effect on a Pathetic result.

Incite Mob - New talent.

Incite Stampede - New talent.

Lion Spirit - Now also improves Spell Defense.

Matrix Strike - Now a Simple action. No longer replaces the Attack test. 

Mind Armor - New talent.

Mind Blade - New talent.

Mind Wave - New talent.

Missile Twister - Now a Standard action. Now affects thrown weapons, possibly to a reduced level. Missile Attack tests now require only one higher result level, not two.

Moving Earth - Area and thickness larger (likely to account for standardized measurements). Carrying capacity is now reduced. Now requires concentration.

Multi-Charge - Now requires movement between each attack.

Multi-Shot - No changes.

Multi-Strike - No changes.

Multi-Tongue - Now costs 1 Strain.

Multiweaving - Now "Multi-Weaving".

Netherwalk - Spell Defense bonus reduced. 

Pin - No changes.

Plant Shelter - Action Step no longer has a +10. Now takes 10 minutes to perform, instead of 5. Now has an explicit duration. Windlings are now considered one-quarter size, instead of one-half size, and dwarfs are now one-half size, instead of normal size.

Quick Shot - Now costs Karma. Now requires declaring the number of attacks initially and paying all Strain up front. No longer requires an initial Missile Weapons test. No longer requires only one target. Cannot be combing with other talents and skills which give additional attacks.

Quickblade - Removed.

Rally - No longer requires a mount to eliminate Strain. Now costs Strain if the adept cannot be seen by comrades.

Range Pattern - Difficulty for spells with no threads is now Reattuning Difficulty, not Weaving Difficulty +5. Range multiplier reduced from 100 to 20.

Reshape Object - New talent.

Resist Pain - New talent.

Rushing Attack - No longer has an Action step. Now costs Strain. Now costs Karma. No longer requires Dexterity based talents. No longer limits ranks. Now allows for splitting movement.

Safe Thought - No longer replaces Spell Defense. Now adds to Spell Defense.

Screaming Arrow - Now a Simple action. No longer causes Harried, now only causes fear. Now allows for a resistance test. Prohibition against combining with some talents (e.g. Flame Arrow). Increased duration. No additional effects based on result level.

Second Chance - No longer costs Karma. No longer requires a test against the target's Spell Defense. Retest is now made with Second Chance (limited by the original talent).

Sense Magic Weapon - Now has an area of effect, which includes the approximate direction to the magic item(s). Specific and item types may be excluded.

Shield Beater - No longer has an Action step. No longer bypasses the opponent's shield. No longer reduces the result level required for an Armor-Defeating Hit. Now reduces Physical Armor and on a Good success improves the odds of shattering a shield.

Show Armor Flaw - Now costs 2 Strain. No longer produces a number of flaws. No longer increases damage. No longer required to perform a Called Shot to take advantage of the benefits.

Slough Blame - Now in Player's Guide.

Soften Blade - No longer costs Karma. Range no longer based on sight, now Rank x6 yards.

Song of Deflection - Now a Standard action.

Soul Shatter - Action Step no longer has a +10. Now costs 1 Strain. Now costs Karma. Mystic Armor now explicitly provides protection against continued damage.

Spell Crystal Lock - Dispel Difficulty is no longer fixed. Now limits on the number of "locks" which the adept may have at one time.

Spirit Strike - New talent.

Stone Skin - Now costs Karma. Duration is now Rank rounds, not 24 hours. Now adds Rank to Physical Armor, not a fixed value. No longer increases Unconsciousness and Death Ratings. No longer a limit to the number of times it may be used in a day.

Storm Shield - New talent.

Summon - Now in Player's Guide.

Summoning Circle - Now based on Willpower. No longer costs Strain. Now costs Karma.

Tame Mount - May now be used once per animal per day. Animal is now only Unfriendly to others.

Thoughtful Expression - Range is now Rank x50 yards. Penalty is now Harried.

Thunder Axe - No longer has weapon requirements. Stunned condition now lasts Rank rounds.

Trace Missile - Duration is now in minutes.

Trample - No longer has an Action Step. No longer grants an additional attack.

Truth Skit -  Time limit now Rank years and days, not 7 year.Time interval is now one minute, not one round.

Unmount - Additional clarification regarding Setting for a Charge provided.

Venom -  No longer +5 to the Action Step. No longer costs Strain. Now costs Karma. Target may now only be affected by one Venom at a time. Now a specific prohibition against manufactured weapons.

Vital Strike - Now based on Perception. Now costs 1 Strain. No longer functions with spells. No longer replaces the Attack test. Now just adds Rank to damage.

Vitality - No changes.

Water Dancing -  Now compared against only the highest Social Defense. Now only affects Interaction tests. Duration is now Rank minutes, not 24 hours. 

Weapon Breaker - Now based on Strength, not Willpower. No longer has a +10 Action Step bonus. Success now reduces Damage Step of weapon by -2 per result level. Extraordinary results only shatter mundane weapons. Threaded weapons cannot be reduced below Damage Step 1.

Weapon Ward - New talent.

Web Astral -  Changed to "Astral Web". Step no longer has +10. Now costs 3 Strain. Area has been reduced. Test to move is now against the result, not the Step. 

Whirlwind - Now costs 2 Strain. No longer costs Karma. Damage is no longer reduced. Talent is now prohibited to use in the same round as talents granting additional attacks.

Wind Bow - No longer has an Action Step. Damage Step is equal to the Rank. Now allowed to use Flame Arrow in conjunction with Wind Bow. Duration is now minutes, not one round.

Wound Transfer - Now one test. Now transfers damage, which may cause a wound. Adept heals a Wound.

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