08 July 2012


I love gaming. I have been up to it for most of my life (over 20 years) and it is how I have met the vast majority of the people I count as a friend. I met my wife through gaming. None of this makes me unique by any stretch of the imagination, but what I'm getting at is that it is something important to me. Something that I'm passionate about. At any given moment I'm probably thinking of one of three things: my wife, my job, or gaming. Basically, I really love gaming.

My reasonable collection of books occupies a room that is more-or-less devoted to gaming, affectionately labeled The Archive. Documents of importance are kept in there. Recently getting invited to a loose group interested in doing one-shots, organized by a remarkable individual, I came to the conclusion that while I have many games that I have read and treasured, I don't necessarily have the time or opportunity to really share then with everyone. And that makes me sad.

This is an effort to share with those who are interested some of those games, hopefully through actually playing them, or thoughts on gaming. If there is interest in something in particular, let me know and I will definitely see what I can do.