17 June 2014

Earthdawn 4E: Example Character 11 - Dwarf Weaponsmith

This is the eleventh Example Character in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

Throughout the fantasy genre, the iconic smiths have always been dwarfs. This stretches back to the very origins of the genre in mythology. Earthdawn is no different and it is a case where the mechanics are a good fit for the archetype.

Each Circle saw this character improve one attribute and take a new Talent Option. There are no Thread Items on this character, however unlikely it may be. 

Note: The entries in this series may be updated periodically as I master the coding to fit all eight of the Circles in a fashion which doesn't result in eye melting. Consider these living entries. Please leave comments if there is anyway this could be made more useful.

Discipline: Weaponsmith
Race: Dwarf

DEX: 14 (6)   STR: 13 (6)   TOU: 16 (7)
PER: 16 (7)   WIL: 16 (7)   CHA: 16 (7)

Initiative: 1 (Recommended: Crystal Plate [-5] )
Physical Defense: 10 (Recommended: Crystal Buckler [+1])
Mystic Defense: 13 (Recommended: Crystal Buckler [+1])
Social Defense: 9

Physical Armor: 13 (Recommended: Crystal Plate, Forged +6 [13])
Mystic Armor: 13 (Recommended: Crystal Plate, Forged +3 [10])

Damage: 20 (Recommended: Scythan Axe, Forged +9 [14])

Unconsciousness: 72 (81, Temper Flesh)
Death: 87 (96, Temper Flesh)
Wound Threshold: 10 (19, Temper Flesh)

Recovery Tests: 4
Knockdown: 14
Karma: 32
Karma: Craft/repair items, Recovery Tests, Damage tests with weapons adept crafted.

Forge Weapon: 9 (16)
Item History: 8 (15)
Melee Weapons: 9 (15)
Steel Thought: 9 (16)
Thread Smithing: 8 (15)
Craftsman: 8 (15)
First Impression: 8 (15)
Conversation: 8 (15)
Avoid Blow: 8 (14)
Suppress Curse: 8 (15)
Haggle: 8 (15)
Wound Balance: 8 (14)
Fireblood: 8 (15)
Forge Armor: 9 (16)
Fire Heal: 8 (15)
Temper Flesh: 9 (16)
Earth Skin: 8 (15)
Spot Armor Flaw: 8 (15)
Etiquette: 6 (13)
Lion Heart: 9 (16)
Diplomacy: 6 (13)

This is a well rounded character who can hold their own in combat, even though it isn't their specialty. This dwarf Weaponsmith is the soul of its group. This adept isn't going to be slick like a Swordmaster or Troubadour, but they will be able to steadily gain respect and favor in any community, eventually winning over everyone and gaining their trust. Within their group, they make a perfect mediator and are going to be what sees everyone through the darkest times.

In combat, this adept is tough as the armor they forge and an absolute terror to any spellcaster. While most combatants are weakest against magicians, this is the area where this dwarf shines. With an exceptional Mystic Defense, almost certainly bolstered with Earth Skin, and Mystic Armor, Steel Thought, Lion Heart, and Suppress Curse, it is a difficult task just to get anything to stick. While most of their talents are defensive, it doesn't take much to crack a spellcaster and Spot Armor Flaw is going to help considerably.

Their biggest weakness is a lack of overall offensive power and while they can withstand considerable punishment (helped along by Fireblood, Fire Heal, and Temper Flesh), the still are not actually a combat character. Despite their tenacity, they will do well to remember this isn't actually a Warrior. Which means they should definitely pick on the spellcasters, allowing the juggernauts to duke it out in the meantime.

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