30 June 2014

Earthdawn 4E: Example Character 20 - Troll Troubadour

This is the twentieth Example Character in an ongoing series about Earthdawn. Introduction and Index.

A troll is probably not anyone's go to race for a Troubadour. However, they will certainly make an impression at any negotiation. This character is built as something of a skald who can also acquit themselves well on the battlefield. 

Each Circle saw this character improve one attribute and take a new Talent Option. There are no Thread Items on this character, however unlikely it may be. 

Note: The entries in this series may be updated periodically as I master the coding to fit all eight of the Circles in a fashion which doesn't result in eye melting. Consider these living entries. Please leave comments if there is anyway this could be made more useful.

Discipline: Troubadour
Race: Troll

DEX: 16 (7)   STR: 19 (8)   TOU: 16 (7)
PER: 13 (6)   WIL: 11 (5)   CHA: 18 (7)

Initiative: 6 (Recommended: Crystal Ringlet [-2])
Physical Defense: 10 (Recommended: Crystal Buckler [+1])
Mystic Defense: 10 (Recommended: Crystal Buckler [+1])
Social Defense: 13

Physical Armor: 10 (Recommended: , Forged +6 [10])
Mystic Armor: 8 (Recommended: , Forged +2 [6])

Damage: 22 (Recommended: Troll Sword, Forged +8 [14])

Unconsciousness: 72
Death: 87
Wound Threshold: 10

Recovery Tests: 3
Knockdown: 8
Karma: 24
Karma: Information, Interaction, ally's Action test.

Emotion Song: 8 (15)
First Impression: 9 (16)
Heartening Laugh: 8 (15)
Item History: 8 (14)
Story Weaving: 8 (14)
Performance: 8 (15)
Melee Weapons: 9 (16)
Etiquette: 9 (16)
Avoid Blow: 8 (15)
Empathic Sense: 9 (16)
Taunt: 8 (15)
Research: 8 (13)
Impressive Display: 8 (15)
Inspire Others: 9 (16)
Blade Juggle: 8 (15)
Lasting Impression: 8 (15)
Lion Heart: 8 (13)
Resist Taunt: 8 (13)
Air Speaking: 6 (13)
Slough Blame: 8 (15)
Diplomacy: 8 (15)

Despite the whole "being a troll" thing, the primary focus of this character is social. They should be able to handle any social situation with the variety of social talents at their disposal. Like all Troubadours, they are also talented at gathering information. 

What is notable about this particular character is their ability to contribute to combat. This is going to be an area where most Troubadours struggle. Between their impressive physical attributes and talent selection, this character should be above par for this discipline in a fight. The inherent danger is they may draw more attention than they can handle, at which point relying on their support and defensive abilities becomes a key strategy. Even this is hardly the end of the world since any attacks directed at them are freeing up their (hopefully) more combat capable comrades for the fight.

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